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    Shoulder injury from bench press?


    Here a while back I injured my shoulder somehow during bench press. It wasnt like a pop or something that told me I had injured it during the exercise but I'd feel it after wards. About a month has passed and I still cannot benchpress, whenever I press upwards, there's a sharp pain in my left shoulder. I can't even hold my left arm out and have my wife pull down on it without feeling the sharp pain in my shoulder. I've rested and rested and it's still the same, I can't even do pushups without aggrivating the shoulder. I don't have health insurance at the moment so I haven't visited the doctor about it yet. Anyone have any idea what it could be, and has anyone had a similar experience?

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    I've had chronic pain in my left shoulder for years that comes and goes that doctors have diagnosed as "road warrior syndrome" it's basically nerve damage of a sort that comes from years of lugging entirely too much weight over a shoulder trotting thru airports and stuff.

    Steve's mentioned it a few times but if you can find a chiropractor that specializes in ART - you might end up with a solution -and a chiropractor might be less expensive than a doctor...

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    I had pain like that that wouldn't go away. I rested, tried a bunch of different restoration things and nothing helped. Got stubborn and exercised through the pain. Got worse, could barely lift my arm overhead or put my arm through my sleeve hole of a shirt.

    Went to get an MRI, I had a torn rotator cuff muscle. Had months of therapy.

    Since, I work on shoulder flexibility more than anything else and pressing higher weights than ever without problem. I do, however, stretch my chest and shoulders 3x per week.

    Who knows what yours is. Can't diagnose over the web... could be nerve, could be muscle, could be something like tendinitis.

    If it hurts though, don't do it.

    I have a buddy who hasn't been able to bench deeply for years. He knows more than me about this shit too. But he can't rehab it. He has to resort to board presses which reduces the range of motion of the exercise.

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    Thanks for the info. I'm gonna have it checked out when I get insurance

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