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    Just want to lose 10kg, will this program work for me?

    I am 37 years old and is overweighted for 10kg. Always want to find a way to get back to shape but not sure if this program will work for me. I know from here that many ppl had a lot to lose but I don't need to lose that much. So will this program also suit me? Any one here got a similar situation as me? I found it is not much different from those low carb, low fat programs. Just don't want to waste my money...

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    me too...kinda

    Thanks for asking this question! I am wondering the exact same thing. I have been very impressed with the significant weight loss experienced by many people here, but it seems like their weight loss goals were quite a bit higher than mine (I need to lose 15kg). I am definitely concerned that I won't see results that are as fast or as significant when I start the programme.

    Hopefully people who are in the same boat as us can comment on this!

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    I also have between 12-15 kgs to lose.

    I have decided to try Cohen's 2 reasons. The first and foremost being that over the last few years two people close to me (a family friend I have known since birth, and my boyfriend's Mother) have both lost 25kgs+ on the Cohen's program... but most importantly both of them have kept it off after reverting to a "normal" diet.

    The family friend I'm referring to has been a yo-yo dieter all of her life. We would generally see her once or twice a year and it was almost like clockwork - each time we would see her she would either just have lost 10-20kgs or she would have just put it on. She had amazing will power and succeeded at every diet she tried, but as soon as she went back to normal eating, she'd put it all back on.

    When I saw her after she'd just lost 25kgs on Cohen's, she was about to start her "refeed" the next week. My sister (her best friend) was tempted to do the program herself after seeing how much weight she'd lost and how great she looked... and my Mother and I both told my sister not to spend the money because the next time we saw her friend we expected that the weight would have all come back.

    The next time we saw her, she looked exactly the same, even though she was no longer on the diet. 2.5 years later and her weight only fluctuates by 2-5 kgs maximum! So seeing her break her yo-yo cycle definitely got my attention.

    My boyfriend's Mother is 62 and recently lost over 25kgs also, and even though due to certain "life" issues arising before she's reached her goal she's gone on and off the diet dramatically the past few months, she hasn't gained back 1 single kilo! She hasn't even gotten to the refeed stage yet, but she her weight seems very stable.

    I'm only 31 but I've been a yo-yo'er all of my adult life. I was an overweight child/teen and first lost a considerable amount of weight when I was 18. I stablised at a lower weight, probably around the high 60kgs. Then it slowly crept up to over 70, then mid 70's and then I lost about 15kgs again a few years ago. I kept it off but again, it's slowly been creeping up and now I'm back to 65 (I'm only short, so my ideal is around 52-55kgs).

    I notice even though I'm young that my metabolism is changing. I don't want to ruin it or continue on this merry-go-round for life... so I decided to find out if Cohen's could work for me.

    I've discussed my situation with the local clinic and I was advised that even with as little as 5kgs to lose, people can benefit from Cohen's. As the consultant explained it to me, the only real difference is that a lot of people don't choose to undertake a strict diet like Cohen's to lose smaller amounts of weight, BUT it will be just as effective for us as someone who needs to lose 20-30kgs. Most importantly, if we commit to sticking to the program strictly, once we get to our goal weight, we have every bit as much chance to stay at our goal weight as someone who has had to lose 20-30kgs to reach their goal.

    For me to undertake the program in Australia is $750. I have thought very long and hard about spending that amount of money to lose 12-15kgs but I have decided if this helps me to break the cycle of yo-yo dieting it will be a good investment.

    Sorry, that's a very long-winded way of saying that YES, if the information I've been provided is correct, even someone wanting to lose 10kgs can succeed with Cohen's And I'm about to give it a go!

    I should be starting the first week of September

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    I have 13kgs to lose and I'm about to start Cohen's within the next few weeks.

    I contacted a clinic after seeing amazing (and long term) results experienced by my boyfriend's Mum and also a close family friend. It was the fact that the weight was kept off that really impressed me. Our family friend has been a yo-yo dieter all of her life (she's 50) and her weight has fluctuated 10-20kgs every single time I've ever seen her (usually about twice a year)... so when she initially lost 25kgs with Cohen's we thought she looked great, but expected the weight would come back as it always did. 2.5 years later, she's put on maybe 2kgs MAX from her goal weight!!! That has really amazed me.

    I was told by the consultant that even someone who wants to lose as little as 5kgs can benefit from doing the program (though I doubt many people would pay $750 to lose 5kgs), and that in my situation it's definitely going to be beneficial.

    As she explained it to me, it's not just about how long it takes you to reach your goal weight, or how much you need to lose to get there, but it's getting your chemicals/hormones in the right balance TO get you there which (if sustained by ongoing effort) will make the life-long difference.

    It makes sense to me, and I'm going to try it in an effort to not just lose weight, but to break the yo-yo cycle I've been on my entire adult life too.

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