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    fat burning workout shorts?

    i saw these at walmart. they are kind of like bike shorts and it says it helps you lose inches in your butt/thighs when u wear them during exercise. but they only had size small so i couldnt get them. does anybody know if these really help and where i can get them?

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    You can get the same result using a garbage bag, just cut one up to make some shorts and wear them underneath your regular workout clothes, helps big time, my brother used to use this when he had to drop weight in wrestling.

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    They also have wraps, I have one for my waist and stomach area, and one for each thigh. I use those and when I take them off they are soaking wet.
    It may just be water weight, I'm not sure if they burn fat or make you lose
    water but hey, who wants all that excess water anyways???

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    How the heck does a pair of shorts or plastic help you lose weight?

    (oh...hi..I'm new...B^)


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    Well the plastic grips to your skin causing your body temp to rise while your working out causing you to sweat a little more. And it also raises your heart rate a little, so all that helps you lose a little more weight while your working out. My brother was a wrestler in college and the day before weigh ins he and his buddy would work out wearing garbage bags then go sit in a sauna as well. This is all water weight remember but its a pretty good instant slimming technique, I also noticed that it keeps the skin tighter so you dont have that baggy skin look if you lost alot of weight.

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    just because you sweat more doesn't mean that you are loosing any more fat (not to be confused with losing of weight). It's the burning of calories that helps you lose the FAT, not the sweating. You will lose more weight, but that's just water and other liquids ... great for weigh-ins and for body-building competitions because you will lose your excess water, but you will have to gain it right back to stay healthy.

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    wonderwoman Guest

    Exclamation Lol

    i found these shorts that i was looking for last summer, remember?
    i was buying something else and actually came upon them by accident. here's the link if anyone is interested.

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