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    post c-section...

    I had a baby 10 months ago and i still haven't lost the baby weight! I never could breastfeed (tried, but i didn't produce enough milk) so i couldn't burn calories doing that. I feel like my abdomen muscles are still very weak from my c-section. I just started to work out again at a gym and am doing yoga....trying to slowly build back up my strength - especially in my abs. Has anyone else had issues with their abs after their c-section?

    Ugh, i feel so fat and disgusting! Not to mention i have this stretched out skin on my stomach from having my son. He was over 10 lbs when born, so you can only imagine how much he stretched me out!

    Some days i feel like i lost hope in losing this weight and having an attractive body back because i know stretched out skin doesn't go back no matter how much you lose weight and exercise.

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    I think that breastfeeding does help. It's unfortunate that you weren't able to do it.

    Anywho...I had my baby three weeks ago (my second by c-section), so of course I'm seeing a difference every week anyway, but I think it's important to get rid of the fat over the abs while building muscle tone everywhere. It's also important to get rid of the baby fat as soon as possible to prevent further stretching of the skin...

    I have myself on the same routine that worked the first time: breastfeed, cardio 15+ mins daily, weight training 3-4 times weekly, stretching 4-5 times weekly and nothing but fruit or veggies after 7 PM.

    Of course I'm keeping it low-impact and I'm sparing my abs for the time being, but even so, the layer of fat covering them has gone down significantly. I have noticed a big difference even from last week.


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    I also had a CSection and could not breastfeed...I have tons of stretchmarks and it seems to droop over my CS scar, so I know that its going to be the hardest thing to work on. I have been using firming lotions and stretchmark creams for about a week and though I havent had any difference yet (normally takes at least 14 days to show any change), my sister used it also and her skin did tighten up a lot! I was amazed by it. Good luck!

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    I also had a c-section baby 15 mths ago and I managed to breastfeed for 4months. Trust me - there are many ladies out there who actually PUT ON WEIGHT while breastfeeding and I am one of them Breastfeeding makes you really hungry so I ate ALOT.

    Since giving birth I have not had the energy or will power to go on a diet, but today I weighed myself and had gained 3kg out of nowhere... depressing... so I joined this forum for some support.

    RE: the c-section 'overhang' belly and stretch marks, I think we all have it and I'm not sure how to get rid of it apart from surgery... But I think right now I'm more concerned about losing the big belly that makes me look like I'm still pregnant!

    Have any of you ladies been asked if you're pregnant when you're not??? It's SO humiliating

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    I've had 2 c-sections. No stretch marks and no overhanging belly.

    I eat mainly a raw vege diet with lean meats, beans, nuts, brown rice, soy products. I've always eaten quite well but really went hardcore through my pregnancies and after having children, as I wanted to be as healthy as possible.

    I moisturize religiously every morning and night, drink lots of water and herbal teas, green tea. I make myself aware of my posture and always try to stand tall and keep my tummy firm.

    I have a better figure now than before children. I know it is because of the way I eat.

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    Try not to stress to much about it. I had a c-section almost 10 months ago and I have that saggy “flap”. I have been running a lot so my skin isn’t as flabby anymore and I can feel my ab muscles under there. Try and burn the baby fat right now and within a few months you will see a difference in your stomach. I know I did!

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