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    Arrow Quick Ways to Burn Fat & Lose Inches - Avoid These 2 Common Mistakes

    You have taken the first step to improving your are seeking information that can help you succeed in your efforts to burn fat, lose inches, and improve your overall health. If you want quick ways to burn fat and lose inches, the next step is to learn about 2 common mistakes that you need to avoid if you want to improve your body.

    Common Mistake #1 - Not focusing more on building lean muscle.

    Majority of people looking to burn fat and lose inches immediately associate doing so with just cardio.

    When you lift weights, your muscles will require more calories for energy during your workout. Your muscle tissue will burn more calories than fat tissue due to its higher metabolic rate. When you build lean muscle, it also causes an increase in your metabolism during rest. Cardio is still recommended, but you must focus more on building lean muscle.

    Common Mistake #2 - Skipping breakfast.

    Skipping breakfast is a surefire way to not see any results.

    In the morning, when you awake, your metabolism is detecting deprivation. This is because you have not eaten for a long period of time. One responsibility your metabolism has is to protect your body if it senses starvation. Therefore, your metabolism will then store fat as a way of protection!

    This is why it is so important for you to never skip breakfast. Make sure your breakfast is hearty and pack with vital nutrients, such as protein and complex carbohydrates to get you going for the day.

    Are you ready to lose inches and burn fat now? I recommend for you to take a look at these powerful fat burning program that will have you burn fat, lose extra weight, and build lean muscle fast. This program is straight to the point and is not your typical "low calorie", "no carb", "don't eat anything all day" type of diet.

    Stay healthy for life...for your life.

    Have a safe and healthy day!!

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    This is very generic information. We have info such as this and more posted in the stickies around the forum. Maybe you should read up on those first so you know whats already out there.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Steve53 View Post
    Not true.

    In the morning, your body is burning fats. A "good" breakfast stops this process. Glucose is being maintained by the breakdown of glycogen, or, if needed, cortisol and glucagon will start the process of making glucose from labile amino acids.
    I agree. I skip breakfast every day. Not only am I not hungry in the morning, but I also find that skipping it helps enormously with my weight loss. You absolutely do not need to have breakfast.

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