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    Weight-loss weight cycling

    Hello friends i m Joan, i want to know about weight cycling and is it harmful?

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    simply, yes. slow and steady weight loss and maintaining that weight loss is the only healthy way to do it. That's one of the main reasons that fad diets are so bad for you is because they are usually only temporary solutions

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    Thanks, can you explain me about fad diets?

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    healthy breakfast

    If I wanted to eat an ultra quick and healthy breakfast what would be the best way to go? Peferrably something I could drink on the way out the door?

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    Study shows that weight loss has link to high blood pressure, high cholesterol, gallbladder disease, and other problems. Based on these I think it’s harmful.

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    no such thing, i'm afraid. You can't drink a healthy meal. Proper digestion of whole foods is where your body properly absorbs all the necessary nutrients. Prepare meals the night before if you can't take the time in the morning to prepare one. Cook up some nice whole oatmeal and keep it in the fridge. Nuke it in the morning (add your favorite topping: bananas, peanut butter, cottage cheese, brown sugar) and you're off.

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    Hello members,
    There are different genuine points to stay physical and mentally fit. There is no hard and fast rule that those people are going to gym or cycling are leading more healthy life. no doubt gym and cycling are very good. The other points to stay fit and healthy life are Early morning walk for 40 minutes , brisk walk for 30 minutes , fast running for 15 minutes continuously.
    Eat fresh and seasonal fruits , salads and vegetables.
    Drink 15 glasses of water per day.


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    JoanMaxxie ~ I also have to have a quick/easy/healthy breakfast and it gets really hard unless you plan ahead and prepare beforehand.

    I often make a batch of boiled eggs, some morning's I will have 2 then include a fruit like banana or orange.

    I also like the single serving Honey Nut Cheerios. I buy a bunch of them and keep them at work. I don't use milk to make it like a bowl of cereal, I basically just eat them plain and it always fills me up. Sometimes I'll add fruit/yogurt if I am still a little hungry. I like that it is already pre-packed so I don't have to buy a whole box and do it myself. They also make oatmeal like this.

    I also love to have a yogurt and dip fresh strawberries or a banana in it and it. I use diabetic friendly yogurt (I am not diabetic) but it usually has the lowest cal's and grams of sugar.

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