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    Can fruit cause weight gain?

    I had lost a lot of weight, but I have put on a stone over the last six months. Thinking back, I think it was when I switched to increasing my fruit intake.

    I exercise by a brisk walk 30 mins a day!

    I think I may be having too much carbs? But I thought the carbs in fruit would not lead to weight gain?#

    The only other thing is that I take Acai tablets - and drink five cups of green tea. Would either of these lead to weight gain? I thought they would help me loose weight?

    A couple of typical meals from this week is below:-

    Day One


    Fruit Hit - Orange Juice 500ml, 125 ml

    Asda Smart Price - Natural Yoghurt - Low Fat, 125 g

    Warburtons - Seeded Batch Bread 400g, 1 Slice

    Tesco - Swiss Style Muesli, Contains More Fruit and Nut, 25 g 1 cup


    Sun Maid - Small Box Rasins, 1 box

    Mullier Light - Vanilla Yoghurt Fat Free, 190 g POT

    Warburtons - Seeded Batch Bread 400g, 1 Slice


    Eggs - Fried (whole egg), 1 large

    Generic - Bacon Grilled - 2 Slices, 2 Rashers Grilled

    Heinz - Baked Beans Half Tin, 1 small tin

    Generic - Hash Brown Potato Wedge - Triangular, 2 wedge

    Peach - Fresh, 1 large


    Fruit - Bannana, 180 grams

    Fruit - Apple, 125 g

    Pineapple - Raw, all varieties, 1 slice (3-1/2" dia x 3/4" thick)

    Oranges - Tangerines, 1 small

    Day Two


    Tesco - Apple Juice Carton From Concentrate, 200 ml

    Nestle - Raisins Oats & More (With 125ml Semi Skimmed Milk), 30 g with 125ml semi skimmed milk


    Batchelors - Chicken & Leek Cup A Soup, 109 g

    Sun Maid - Small Box Rasins, 1 box

    Mullier Light - Vanilla Yoghurt Fat Free, 190 g POT

    Warburtons - Seeded Batch Bread 400g, 1 Slice


    Sainsbury's - Chicken Curry With Rice Frozen Meal, 1 tray

    Generic - Conference Pear, 1 medium (100g)


    Fruit - Bannana, 180 grams

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    Any surplus calories in the calorie balance will cause weight gain - this doesnt matter whether they are from a healthy source or an unhealthy source.

    In addition - increased volume of food can mean that you carry extra food weight... Things like toilet habits come into the equation.

    If you haven't done so already you need to analyse your calorie balance and you will see whether your increased consumption makes sense.

    You can work out your calorie balance by using a free account on and entering your profile information, everything you eat and drink and also all your exercise...

    In addition to seeing your calorie balance - you can check your nutrient levels to ensure that you are hitting your targets for all your macros.
    2007 was 294 pounds

    Got to goal - but currently a little overweight...

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    Too Much intake of nay food cause weight sometimes overweight is also occur. We should always eat balanced diet to maintain good health.

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    Can fruit cause weight gain?

    Yes, too much fruit can cause weight gain. Too much intake of any food can cause weight gain, although some foods are much better to eat in excess than other foods.3 Ways Fruit Can Cause Weight Gain:-
    Drinking It
    A medium orange contains 62 calories and 3.1 grams of fiber. On the other hand, an eight-ounce glass of OJ will run you 108 calories and offer zero grams of fiber. Juice may be an easy way to take in vitamins and minerals, but it's usually high in calories and lacking in fiber.
    Eating It Dried
    Raisins, dried apricots, and prunes are definitely a great source of fiber, but the low-water content makes dried fruit a calorically dense food. Since a quarter cup of dried fruit can run over 100 calories, eat it sparingly.
    In Baked Goods
    Homemade banana bread was a weekly staple in my house, and my mother always said it was healthy because "it's made with bananas."

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    Yes unfortunately they can. Ive been on a fruit and vegetable diet for a week (the similar to this one below or from this article) and I was so surprised when i gained weight, even though both fruits and vegetables have laxative effect, Maybe I lost water but definitely not fat. Fruits are not calorie free and sugar is sugar whether it's a tablespoon of sugar or in a fruit.

    The first day
    Cabbage soup, fruit, a glass of aloe vera juice, tea or coffee. It is advisable not to drink or eat something sweet, but if you really want, you can afford four-five dried fruits – apricots or prunes.

    The second day
    Cabbage soup, one potato of medium size, baked in the oven. Any vegetables fresh or stewed. Tea, coffee? Aloe vera juice.

    The third day
    Cabbage soup, vegetables and fruits in any quantities, a glass of skim milk (or low-calorie yogurt), green tea, aloe vera juice.

    The fourth day
    Cabbage soup, bananas (three-six units), eight glasses of skim milk (can be one low-fat yogurt and seven glasses of milk).

    The fifth day
    Cabbage soup, tomatoes (not more than six). Fish or chicken meat in any quantity. A glass of skim milk, tea, coffee, aloe vera juice.

    The sixth day
    Fully repeats the menu of the fifth day.

    The seventh day
    Cabbage soup, vegetables and fruits in unlimited quantities, low-calorie sauce, two hundred grams of fat-free milk (yoghurt), tea, coffee or aloe vera juice.

    As we can see, the fruit and vegetable ration for weight loss is not only pleasant, but quite well-balanced. You will not have to be hungry all the time, and, moreover, you eat correctly. In addition, it doesn’t require the exact number of fruit, tea and meat grams, because each person is different, some people need a little more, and someone – less. You will feel, how many of those or other ingredients you should eat every day while following this diet.

    Day 1:
    Breakfast: a cup of cereal flakes mixed with a Cup of fresh berries, aloe vera gel
    Lunch: a few pieces of pineapple.
    Dinner: 170 g of boiled bacon, lettuce, orange. For dessert you can eat a couple of peaches.

    Day 2:
    Breakfast: 100 grams of yogurt, half a melon.
    Lunch: salad with yogurt. Use strawberries, oranges, kiwi for the salad.
    Dinner: 170 g of white chicken meat, vegetable salad with lemon juice, half a grapefruit. For dessert you can eat a couple of plums.

    Day 3:
    Breakfast: a Glass of low-fat yogurt, a few slices of watermelon.
    Lunch: Fruit mashed banana(1 PC.) and chopped(1 Cup). Aloe vera juice
    Dinner: 170 g of lean fish with lemon juice, a cup of Brussels sprouts for garnish.The dessert consists of a Cup of yogurt with fresh berries.
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    No, not all but most of fruits are healthy for weight loss, but the little ones that have damage to your diet.
    I advise you query your doctor or personal trainer, or any person having knowledge about so that gives you a good list of fruits and unhealthy to move away her final

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    There are many fruits and many vegetables helpful for gain weight and i think banana have many calories so banana is much better for gain weight.

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    Eat 10 bananas, still 1000 calories taken, healthy.

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    When I visited the nutritionist I was allowed one piece of fruit with every meal (bananas had to be small ones) and I was allowed one in the afternoon as a snack.
    She forbade me to turn it into juice as she said I would be missing out on most of the vitamins and things the fruit should give me. I had to eat the fruit not drink it.

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