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    Myth or Not? Spoonful of peanut butter before bed weight loss

    Of course with intense exercising for 25 mins the same day and healthy eating ( chicken apples vegetables ). Can a spoon of peanut butter before bed really add on the weight loss before sleeping? I heard it apparently causes weight loss when the body sleeps for hours because of the high protein. Not sure if it's true or not so I don't want to risk gaining any unnecessary weight.

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    Hi there,
    I have never heard that before, and would tend to discount it's validity.
    I'm sure if there were any scientific proof, the peanut butter manufactures would be all over it.

    can't you see the new adds "Peanut Butter Will help You Lose weight".

    I hope I am wrong, because i LOVE Peanut Butter

    Keep it up.

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    No. Calories in/calories out. Doesn't matter when or what you eat, as long as you create a safe calorie deficit.

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    I agree with Mystic. At the end of the week, its all about how many cals you consumed...don't make it any more difficult than that

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    Almost every athlete eat casein protein before going to bed to maintain their muscle mass and to lose the weight from their body fat. Peanut butter is high in carbohydrates (protein/carbohydrate, 3/13) so i personally don't think peanut butter would work that way. Dairy has higher percentage of protein so i think to drink a cup of milk is better. (p/c, 1/1)

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