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    Dang,,you made it five years ago...Very nice work !!

    Would you think about shairing it ??

    I would like to take it a step farther..
    By importing it to members profiles..

    Having the biggest loser show on the homepage or a list of top losers and even making it into a ticker..

    I have a ticker embeded..
    Where members put their weight info in their profile,,this activates a ticker to show in their profile with that info..
    I have it where they can choose different rulers and sliders and the option to show the ticker in their sig..

    Having the back end from your add-on,,I wouldnt have to embed and just use the data base I have..

    Thanks !!
    hey allcdnboy..
    I really like the weight loss table..Did you make it ??
    Where is it getting the data from ??

    Can this be put into a ticker ??
    I have made a ticker for member profiles,,they can add all the weight loss info in their profile,,then the ticker shows up in profile..I have the option for it to show as their sig too..
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