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Oct 31, 2009
Jun 16, 2006
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Dec 9, 1964 (Age: 53)
Wishing I was in bed
software it

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How about a nice cup of..., 53, from Wishing I was in bed

maleficent was last seen:
Oct 31, 2009
    1. Karebare
      pepperoni is evil....
    2. SyNyStEr14
      Hey hey hey,

      Ive had better days (currently at work and possibly the most bored I have ever been!!!) Other than that im fine and dandy!!

      Hope you are well, thanks for being my friend (wow that sounds lame) your a fountain of knowledge it seems, and I can certainly do with some knowledge ;)

      anyways, take care.
    3. pattireiffersch
      I was just curious if there is a learn how to use this site section?
    4. bmohearn
      Thanks for thinking of me!
    5. Karebare
      hi...thanks for the words in my journal!!!
      Another monday...another day of hope :-)
      have a great week
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    6. LowFatMilk
      Secret meeting tomorrow at Steve's work out spot.
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    7. ladyrose2008
      sorry maleficent i do not expect an answer that is fine, i can answer that myself i was actually inquiring about a diet i did not say at any point that i was trying it nor that i was looking for a quick fix thanks anyway
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    8. ladyrose2008
      Would you like to address the issue of the medicine causing hypo thyroidism in other words my thyroid stopped functioning. As you know the thyroid regulates all body
      systems without it one goes into a depressive state and weight gain is normal since
      the bodies ability to digest and function decreases significantly, it can be life threatening.
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    9. Trops
      Watch Out!!!!

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    10. pequin
      Thanks, got to get my shit together again. 35 lb up is unacceptable. ;)
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    11. kkmpryor
      hey, thanks for the advice about nutrition. I am curently getting 1800 calories a day and drinking LOTS of water [10-15 bottles] a day! I'm exercising every night, too! I feel so proud of myself that I lost 1 pound yesterday! I hope I lose some more soon! I know that I will be losing lots during the first couple months and my weight loss will gradually get less and less per week, but I'm happy that I have finally made the decision to better myself and become healthy!!
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    12. felici
      I thought I would send you a pm but I'm not set up properly.

      I just wanted to say I'm thinking about you today.
    13. englangrover
      Thanks. I value your opinion. :)
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    14. Trops
      Speaking of Maxine:


      Sorry it's so big
    15. maleficent
      ha ha ha ha and ha...

      Glad you find this amusing the fact that I will grow hair in places women aren't supposed to grow hair and really start looking like maxine :D

      great... :D
    16. Trops
    17. maleficent
      pretty much sums it up :D
    18. Steve
      That can be summed up into, "We want to spam your community but we aren't going to call it spam."

      Why announce your intentions? I make money off of people on the web in the context of weight loss. But my intent on this forum is to help people. I don't announce my business.

      Just post, help, and if people are interested in what you have to say... cool.

      If not, too bad for you.
    19. maleficent
      this is a community.. you can join the community by offering, without fee, advice and comments but if you're here to drum up business for yourself to make aprofit -then i appreciate your asking, but we don't allow for that - we make allowances for established members -but that's a case by case basis.
    20. jimproser

      I am new to using any forum, so I want to make sure I am not starting on the wrong foot. My wife, Adoley, and I have operated a successful hypnotherapy center for the past 3 years that has been primarily delivering weight loss to our clients. We are introducing our programs in a new remote format called Hypno To Go, that will be marketed on the web. I would like to offer our expertise and considerable research we have done to help people but don't want to spam or promote our services to people unsolicited. Can you advise me on how to contribute and ethically introduce what we have to offer?

      Thank you,

      Jim Proser
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    Dec 9, 1964 (Age: 53)
    Wishing I was in bed
    software it
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