About paleo diet

With obesity on the rise, the quest for weight loss is at an all time high. While there are dozens of diets on the market today, one that is gaining popularity rapidly is the Paleolithic link removed. The Paleo diet also goes by the names cavemen, stone age, and warrior diet because the meal plan incorporates only foods that were available in the Paleolithic time period.

The theory is that, since human bodies haven’t changed much over the years, consuming the same foods that the cavemen ate is biologically the best thing possible in order to promote healthy living. Since there were no overweight cavemen 10,000 years ago, surely they must have been doing something right.

The Paleo diet requires dieters to eat as close to the cavemen as possible. This means doing away with dairy, sugar, salt, grains, and legumes and instead consuming only meat, poultry, fruits, vegetables, and shellfish. Since this is a drastic change to what the typical person consumes, many claim that the diet is just a fad and will not actually benefit the human body.
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The Paleo diet works well for a few individuals like people with and ENDOMORPH body type (especially the older folk who become a lot more carb sensitive with age). It is also not a very sustainable diet and if not done correctly can lead to a lot of muscle loss (muscle weighs a lot more than fat) which will in turn drop your scale weight a lot and that is not very healthy.
Dużo czytam o paleo. To może być nieco skomplikowane, gdy musimy wybrać jakość naszych produktów, ponieważ nie powinny być przetwarzane. Myślę, że jako dieta odchudzająca - będzie działać całkiem dobrze

Nie wyobrażam sobie życia bez mleka i cukru: D haha
Edit: Translation-

"I read a lot about paleo. It can be a bit complicated when we have to choose the quality of our products because they should not be processed. I think that as a slimming diet - it will work quite well

I can not imagine my life without milk and sugar: D haha"
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What do people think to this type of diet when trying to lean down but retain muscle mass?
paleo is fine for retaining muscle mass so long as your exercise in correct and you make sure adequate protein is included. I follow a keto lifestyle which is a little more restrictive than paleo, you can maintain and build new muscle with both choices.
I follow a keto lifestyle which is a little more restrictive than paleo, you can maintain and build new muscle with both choices.
You've had success in gaining muscle mass when using Keto? Would you be able to tell me a little more about how you've done this please?
Keto is a lifestyle, not a diet.

Carbs are a limit, when building muscle timing those carbs to work in with training helps (TKD - Targeted Keto Diet). TKD is only of benefit if you are already adapted to keto.
Protein is a target, eat to the needs of your body, more protein above your needs is of no benefit.
Fat is a lever, it controls loss and gain, cut calories loose fat (calorie deficit in keto forces the body to use bodyfat for energy) calorie surplus combined with the correct lifting program will build muscle with minimal fat gain so long as the above protein and carbs are correct.