Anyone in Los Angeles

Hi MeghanLynn!

I just completed a program at the Center for GI Weight Loss in Los Angeles. Prior to the program I was 70 pounds overweight. I came across the program through a friend of mine, and I met with Dr. Nowain and his staff. They fully educated me about weight loss, and how everyone is different with which methods they should use.

The program was amazing because they offered meal replacement programs, OPTIFAST, and educated me about weight loss in general. They also gave me support throughout the whole process. Can't begin to explain how important that is! I am now a success story, lost all the weight and couldn't be happier :hurray:

For anyone looking for answers about weight loss- I highly recommend visiting their website and trying the program out!!! Here is the website: Good luck out there!!!
hi ddgandra! happy that things worked out with that program for you =] what do you currently do now to stay fit? I'm actually not in a position to lose weight im trying to gain haha. just trying to see where everyone is at.
I currently live in Los Angeles area and I started my journey about 4-5 years ago when one day I stepped on a scale and it said 269lbs. My Jaw dropped because just a year or two prior I was 210 lbs 7 - 10% body fat and in great shape. I finally made a decision to lose the weight. I began by hitting the gym cutting out all soda and juices and eating out less. I never really cared for juices and sodas so that was easy for me.

I took every fat loss pill and supplement I could get my hands on. Some worked other not so well. But all had their side affects. I would get jittery, dizzy, feel tired hard to focus and much more. Once I stopped them I would put most of the weight back on. I eventually got to 225 and was stuck there until recently. I noticed that the pills made me feel worst and my main problems were consistency with working-out and eating healthy.
I began to track and count cut the excess hype out and get to the real deal. Eat Right and stay active. I began taking the fitness marriage and not one night stand approach.

Speed up until today. I am currently around 210 and still trimming the fat off. I have changed my whole approach I eat healthy and stay active. No more dieting fat loss pills. I drink a shake in the morning and one at night take vitamins eat my green leafy veggies and stay in the company of like minded individuals.

My level 10 goals are 195lbs. 34-35 waist 7-10% body fat. In my mind I have already achieved this goal I am just waiting for everyone else to see it.

Pretty soon I will be hosting Sunday workouts again at the beach!!!