Apple diet...let's see how it goes

Just thinking, instead of bingeing on junk food, if I stock my room with apples the only choose is to binge on apples! :) do you think this will work? Well let's see how I do, be back in a day with resuts. So what you guys think? Do able? Bad idea? Good idea? Need tweeking?
sooooo your eating apples only? nothing else? I don't think its healthy to "binge" on anything.
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You're less likely to binge on apple's over junk food. It takes a lot longer to eat an apple then it does a bag of chips, I find. If your diet is in check and you're just using the apples to curb your appetite, go for it. No reason why it shouldn't work.
I agree....if she is also eating a balanced diet....but it sounds like, TO ME, that she's ONLY eating apples??? I'd like it if she clarified that fact.
Libby, I saw a few of your other posts...don't you agree that you should eat a balanced diet and take care of yourself? Why all this extreme thinking????? Do you realize that so many of those models that you talked about in previous posts are photoshopped themselves? Just try to be the best that LIBBY can be (in a sane and healthy way) not worry about the fake representations out there...G luck!

I have before swapped all my fruit over to apples- I still ate 400kcals of protein a day and 100kcals of porridge (28g made with water) but the rest was all apples.

Thing is, I was so hungry I just ate and ate, on an average day it was getting towards 20 apples.

You wanna know what? I gained weight.

Do this by all means if its what you want, but bear in mind you can still gain weight.


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I don't know why people do these type of extremes all the time. Just eat 5 cans of tuna a day and the rest of your calories can be fruits/vege's.

At least you'll preserve muscle and have some nutrients.
It needs more than just a little tweaking.

Eating apples in lieu of actual food may be an OK idea in theory, but what about in practice? Apples, even though they are fruits and are very healthy, also have a lot of sugar in them. You might think that the sugar from fruits isn't the same as the processed sugars in junk food, but you'd be wrong. The sugar from fruit is primarily fructose, which has absolutely no real benefits over processed sugars.

Even eating apples in place of junk food could be disastrous if you don't eat them in moderation (I say this because it sounds like you're on an apple eating frenzy).
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Also remember that apples (or any fruit) alone will not supply you with the necessary nutrients your body requires.

There IS such a thing as too much of a good thing.

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I don't know why people do these type of extremes all the time. Just eat 5 cans of tuna a day and the rest of your calories can be fruits/vege's.

At least you'll preserve muscle and have some nutrients.
It isn't recommended to consume more than 2-3 cans of fish/week.


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That's due to high levels of mercury isn't it? I think, like the egg/cholesterol thing, that they're a bit divided on that opinion.
However, I may be wrong, just going from stuff I've seen in magazines over here. Although I do still agree 5 a day is a bit much. A lot of American guidlines waver around a max of 6 a week, UK varies from 2 to practically unlimited.

"People can eat as much tinned tuna as they like, except women who are pregnant or are planning to get pregnant in the next year. These women should eat no more than four medium-size cans of tuna a week (with a drained weight of about 140g per can), or two fresh tuna steaks (weighing about 140g when cooked, or 170g raw)." (Taken from Food Standards Agency)

On topic, about 20 apples a day could be up to 1600kcal, which, depending on your weight etc, it your intake for the day.
Plus, which has already been said, eating tons of apples means eating tons of sugar. Why not buy in lots of varied veg and fruit to snack on? Maybe some avocado? High in good fats, so if you have it not so often, you're getting more nutrients than just from apples. Some berries and nuts maybe? Nuts are a good source of protein too, just again watch your calorie intake there.
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Not a good idea at all, but if your adding them in as a small snack thats perfect.

Someone made a very good point that these are pretty high in sugar so too many of these is very bad! go for low GI carbs instead.

Also you wont be able to live on this diet forever so when you are nearly turning into an apple and decide to go back to regular eating you may put some weight on.

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Too much of anything is bad for you...

We hear about these diets, apples, bananas, cabbage soup..bla bla bla.The point is everything is calories and if you put more calories in your body then you burn you will gain weight. I FINALLY GET IT!!!! Took me long enough too.
I used to think if I just had grapes all day or whatever (depending on what was the fruit of the week) it will be ok. It doesn't work like that. I wish I got it sooner, I wasted so much time.
So friendly advice to you, if you feel like snacking and you eat an apple instead of chips that's great. Just don't make it pounds of apples.
Good Luck!!!
far from the apple tree....

Question: Did the apple tree grow on ONLY water?
Answer: took air, light, warmth, soil AND water to grow it's healthy fruit for YOU. The tree had a "balanced diet".
if you don't eat a balanced diet, your body will store fat because it thinks there is a famine, or you are ill, or something else is wrong.
your body will go into "starvation mode". won't lose any weight at all. Worst than that...when you are tired of "apples" and you eat even a couple potato chips, they will stick to your ribs and stay there.
eating large amounts of the same food won't provide all the nutrients your body needs for growth - both mentally and physically.
I don't know if that's a good idea since it's short term. A long term diet that is low-calorie is better that targets all the parts of the pyramid.
There is a saying an apple a day keeps doctor away but it doesn't mean you plan on eating only apples. Your body needs each and every type of energy to survive.