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Cheat Days

Discussion in 'Nutrition' started by allcdnboy, Aug 19, 2006.

  1. jimbrooks12

    jimbrooks12 New Member

    Jan 23, 2010
    Yeah every diet plan should have a cheat day. I do it so that i will not be too fixated on that much loved cookie or any sweets because when i do cave in i would wolf down almost the entire jar. But when i started my cheat day, i find that i can control myself more and eat sweets less.
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  3. skinnyB***h

    skinnyB***h New Member

    Apr 15, 2010
    I think cheat days are a good idea....at the very least I think everyone should be able to eat their favorite foods in moderation. Have a bite here and there and track the calories to fit them into your day, if you don't wanna splurge too much on one day alone. Lets face it...who's going to go forever and never eat the foods they love the most?? Eventually you'll get tired and feel deprived. Moderation is the key :)
  4. Claudia Ferrera

    Claudia Ferrera New Member

    Apr 10, 2010
    I ate a lot of chocolate and chocolate ice-cream, biscuits, and besides this, apple, banana...ugh i didnt feel so good. This morning I binged too, I hope I'll get back on track!
  5. prosperity2010

    prosperity2010 New Member

    Jan 31, 2010
    I don't really do "cheat" days....or at least I don't call them that. I stick to a certain number of calories per day and I use my heart rate monitor to determine how many calories I've burned. If I know that I'm going to be socializing (as opposed to eating my carefully selected and prepared food at home), then I eat fewer calories with my other meals and work out more that day. I also will pick "healthier" options even if I'm eating somewhere that is not very healthy. I make sure to log everything that I eat (and drink) so that I know how many calories I'm working with.

    This allows me to occasionally eat foods that are not part of my regular routine. For instance, for Mother's Day, I had one half slice of deep dish pizza with my mother-in-law. I knew she wanted pizza and I knew I couldn't eat a whole slice without ruining my calorie count for the day. So, I lowered my caloric intake earlier that day, added 10 more minutes on the elliptical machine that morning and only had a half a slice of the pizza that evening. Doing this kind of thing keeps me sane and reminds me that you can pretty much eat what you want in moderation. You just have to be smart about it. Despite my deep dish pizza (and a couple of glasses of wine), I still ate to lose 1.6 pounds per week. Not bad on a "cheat" day!


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  6. mihas

    mihas New Member

    May 31, 2010
    sometimes I go crazy on my cheat days. Last Sunday I ate a whole chocolate cake to myself. I felt bed after so I went to gym to do some cardio.
  7. Big little Baby

    Big little Baby New Member

    Jun 7, 2010
    Hi - so can you tell me when you switched to 6 to 7 meals a day how many calories were each meal?

  8. Dee.R

    Dee.R New Member

    May 29, 2010
    NE Texas

    I have oh so learned this the hard way. As my other posts have mentioned I have been trying to change my lifestyle (exercise as well as food intake) for about 17 months now, seeing no results.... until recently.

    I know, looking at my pictures most people will find it very hard to believe, but previous to the last couple weeks I was barely eating; I was "lucky" if I ate 1k calories/day.
    The past couple weeks I started eating more meals (small meals plus snacks) throughout the day. I have been eating the same foods because like I said, I had made some major changes well over a yr ago. BUT, by adding in more snacks (healthy ones of course) I have been eating 1,200-1,800 calories/day. I am increasing my energy level & stamina and am able to do so much more throughout the day. My "naptimes" have lessened a lot (still have naps though because of serious sleep problems).

    That (increasing calorie) is the ONLY thing that I have changed within the last couple weeks and I am actually starting to see results.
    Ok... I can't actually SEE the difference between this weeks picture & last weeks picture, but
    - my weight has gone down
    - my measurements have gone down
    - clothes feel a bit more loose
    - my energy level is higher
    - my stamina is increasing so I can do more for longer periods of time

    4/7 at last Doc appt weight was 335 (or 340 - I can't remember)
    5/29 when I started the account here, weight was 317 (this is where I started increasing calories)
    6/8 for June challenge weigh-in weight was 314.2
    6/11 weight this morning was 308.9 -- which I know can (probably will) fluctuate between now & the "June challenge" weigh-in on Tues (the 15th) But hoping that the numbers drop even more by then.
  9. CaliforniaLovin

    CaliforniaLovin New Member

    Apr 8, 2007
    Cheat days have never worked for me personally. I would be REALLY good the whole week, and my whole mindset would be focused on that one day where I could cheat. That's ALL I would think about, and when the day would come I would totally go overboard and binge like crazy. Then the day after would be hell, and I wouldn't feel like eating well again.
    I like to just eat what I want in moderation, it's so much easier that way. If I want chocolate on Tuesday, I'm not going to deprive myself and go chocolate crazy on Friday, it doesn't work for me. Good concept, but I guess when I want something, I just want it NOW hehe
  10. PandaQuill

    PandaQuill New Member

    Jun 23, 2010
    My diet involves no cheat days because I can eat whatever the heck I want as long as the grand total is 1000 calories for the day :3 I generally prefer home-cooked meals so I'm pretty much out of fast food's way.
  11. JanaNanner

    JanaNanner Active Member

    Jun 28, 2010
    Baltimore, MD
    I don't have cheat days and I haven't really felt the need for them, either. When I have extra calories for the day and I feel like having a small snack, I let myself indulge. But it's a choice to indulge, not giving into a craving. I've found that after almost a month of healthy eating, my cravings for unhealthy foods have pretty much disappeared. It allows me to decide to indulge at an appropriate time.

    It really, really helps that I eat continuously throughout the day. 6 - 8 small meals rather than 3 large meals keeps you full all day long and helps control cravings (because when you're full, you're less likely to want food in general, let alone unhealthy food). My stomach has been shrinking, as well. I find myself getting more full on smaller amounts of food.

    And this is after only 3 and a half weeks. My body is very, very happy this way, even though I'm eating 750 - 1000 calories per day less than I used to.
  12. Fish Chris

    Fish Chris Active Member

    Jul 4, 2010
    Ha ! Maybe for somebody else.....

    But for me, it's like this;

    I have had a serious food addiction for most of my life. It's no different than alcohol, or cocaine, crank, whatever.

    So tell a crack head, "Okay, your going to live in a crack house, and have access to all the crack you can smoke..... However, you can only have 5 hits on Wednesday's. The rest of the time, you just have to watch".
    Oh sure. That's going to work :(

    Here's the thing, after 45 years of this addiction, I know myself very well. If I have just a little fast food, or fried food, or pizza, or chocolate, or pie.... it will lead to just a little more.... and just a little more..... and before I know it, I'll be eating 6000 to 8000 calories a day, every day, just like I have for the last 20 plus years.

    I finally decided I was going to do whatever it took, to lose all the weight I needed to..... And I did it ! 72 lbs in 9 months !

    Honestly at this stage in my life, I feel like if I ever let myself go again, it really could be an issue of life and death.

    Now that I feel as great as I do, I think I'd prefer a little bit more of this kind of healthy life, before I check out.

    Zero cheating for me. If I need a little more carbs, or cals, or proteins, etc, I'll make a sensible adjustment to my daily food plan, monitor the changes, and take it from there.

  13. amydy

    amydy New Member

    Jul 27, 2010
    Montreal, Canada
    I have cheat days because I want to have fun. Generally they are the days we are having 'girls night' at the pub, or similar.

    On my cheat days I still count my calories, and usually up my intake from 1400cal/day (losing 1.5 pds a week) to my maintenance intake of 2100cal/day. So even if i'm having a cheat day, i'm still not gaining weight. For me a cheat day is not a free pass at binging.. its a lax of the diet.

    I agree with above poster.. I prefer to call it a day off than a cheat day. I'm not cheating myself.. i'm enjoying life.
  14. Korrie

    Korrie Moderator

    Nov 19, 2004
    NW Ohio
    Sorry man....links arn't permitted. There are strict rules that we have on links, but links by newbies are especially not permitted. Feel free to check out the thread regarding linking in the newcomers section.
  15. kokore

    kokore New Member

    Nov 19, 2010

    Eating to satisfy your own body is a problem.:lurk5:
  16. CristinaZepol

    CristinaZepol New Member

    Dec 19, 2010
    i love cheat days! i'm still on cheat day though for the holidays lol. but on my cheat day, i still eat minimally of my favorite thing to eat
  17. Iain1974

    Iain1974 Active Member

    Jul 5, 2009
    Longview, TX
    I've never really done cheat days but that doesn't mean I deny myself. If I want a particular food I'll eat it but in moderation or a low-cal version. Like yogurt. If I want a burger it'll be home made.

    I think so long as you don't slip back into old habits by eating poorly every day I'm sure it does no harm.

    A nutritionist/trainer at my gym believes strongly in 'cheat day' every week. He says he'll eat 6,000 calories on a Sunday to kick start his metabolism for the week.
  18. Busabuck

    Busabuck New Member

    Jan 3, 2011
    Freeport, Florida
    Cheat days so far have worked well for me. When cheating only the finest foods from my favorite restaurants or the best home prepared foods will do. Junky store bought doughnuts or hot dogs are not worth cheating for.
  19. PLBFitness

    PLBFitness Moderator

    Jan 13, 2011
    British Columbia
    I like the idea of calling it "treat" instead of "cheat,"it kinda takes the guilt out of it. It's pretty obvious that different things work for different people. One approach that I've seen work with clients is that some of them will 'behave' at all times when they have control over their food, then save the "treating" for all of the special occasions and meals out. That way they can relax and not be thinking, "uh oh, what am I gonna order... I've already cheated this week!"
  20. macro

    macro New Member

    Mar 4, 2011
    Great to know!!
  21. notsobigdada

    notsobigdada New Member

    Feb 23, 2011
    it is easy to cheat our days to stuck our balance diet proper use of vegetables and simple food like burger and pizza.i myself done that and also cheat the days.

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