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Clearing Up HIIT: Guide to HITT

Discussion in 'Weight Loss Through Exercise' started by Leigh P., Mar 13, 2007.

  1. mddolson

    mddolson New Member

    Aug 11, 2008
    Belleville, Ontario, Canada
    Question on doing HIIT, by senior. I'm 60. & I have a total knee replacement & limited to no-impact exercise. My primary cardio workouts are on Arc trainer or elliptical. My max HR is 160, resting HR is 58 & target cardio at 135 PBM (based on normal charts & calcs). My question is how high should I let my heart rate go during a HIIT cycle. As an example I can, raise resistance from 6 (normal) to 10, & accelerate from 6mph to 10 mph for one minute. My pulse rate will go up to 145 to 150 bpm. Typically lower at the beginning & higher end toward the latter part of a half hour work out. Recovery cycle of 2.5- 3 minutes lets my HR return to 130-135 bpm.
    I don't have any adverse effects, not dizzy feeling faint. & I feel fine next days.
    So the question is am I going hard enough?
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