Down almost 90 pounds

Well, you've come a long way, congrats! I suggest you reach your prestablished goal and maybe after some time think about going even below. Just give yourself a little reward that'll boost your confidence! Good luck!
new here to this forum looking for more motivation and tips. Started my journey June 1st and down from 368 to 280. It still feels weird to type in a weight in the 200s. My initial goal is 220 and after that who knows?
for me the key has been to set your mental weight in your head..."I envision myself as a ( ) pound person" and then step on the scale every morning. over time your mental weight will become your actual weight...try it
Nice work! I originally lost 60lbs and always looked for motivation. The counter-intuitive thing about motivation is, you don't really need it. At least not after you have momentum. You'll see that once the habits are set, you go on autopilot. The tricky thing is getting to that level.
Amazing transformation. What you have done needs lots of effort, hard work and courage. You have done a great job and I am sure you will hit your target weight very soon.


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That is great to hear! I wish you luck for a lifetime! I hope you can keep your weight off just by simply following the right routine and keeping at it. Also taking in the right foods, herbs and spices! Keep us posted!
a great start to becoming a healthier you! i will share with you the only physical characteristic i have ever heard about for increased possibility regarding heart disease... that measurement is girth. the critical borderline there i apparently a waist measurement of 36" or females and 40" for males. perhaps this would be a good goal to set?

a little over a year ago, i was likely at my most depressed when i actually bit the bullet and bought a pair of 40 x 34 jeans. today i am back to where my 36" waist pants have started feeling a bit loose and my goal is to get back to 34 x 34.