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The best exercise weight loss method is strength training plus aerobic exercise: the most classic and most traditional mode of fat loss is strength training plus aerobic exercise. Why do I always say that it is fat loss instead of weight loss? The only weight loss is weight, which includes muscle and fat. That is to say, you are losing weight, which is why some women are very light, but the body shape seems to be less harmonious. Because the muscle mass is not enough, it is impossible to maintain a perfect three-dimensional proportion. For example, the flat hips of oriental women are not good for the congenital hip type, and the muscle mass of the gluteus maximus is not enough. That basically collapsed, so the purpose of losing weight is no matter what, I just have to lose weight.
In fact, the shape of a person has little to do with weight. Some of it depends on the innate, such as the size of the woman's chest and the shape of the hip (mainly the hip). But most of them can still be obtained by exercise. It is this reason that two women of the same weight are sometimes different in body size.
What is fat loss? Loss of fat is the most important way to maintain lean body mass. The popular point is to ensure the minimum loss of muscles, the heart muscle is also muscle, you don't want this muscle to fall. Guarantee the maximum consumption of fat. So diet, hunger strike, no food, no food. This is all about "weight loss", not fat loss, it is unhealthy.
Aerobic exercise, as its name suggests, is a sport that is carried out in an oxygen-rich state. You can understand this simply, any exercise that lasts longer, has a stronger rhythm, and maintains a heart rate of 60% to 80% of the maximum heart rate. They can all be called aerobic exercises. (Almost just breathless, but not the degree of gas) such as running, cycling, dancing, all kinds of aerobics and the like. This is aerobic exercise. Of course, there are no obvious boundaries between anaerobic and aerobic, such as running. If it is a sprint, it is basically an anaerobic movement. Because this is short-lived, explosive, in such a short period of time, oxygen is almost too late to participate in energy supply. The real muscle development is anaerobic exercise. You know the body size of the long-distance runners and sprinters. The sprint is much stronger and the long-distance runners are thinner.
As the name suggests, anaerobic exercise is a vigorous exercise in the state of "hypoxia". Most of the anaerobic exercise is a high-intensity, instantaneously strong exercise, so it is difficult to last for a long time, and the fatigue elimination time is also slow (sugar The process of glycolysis is more troublesome.) Short-term explosive movements such as weightlifting, sprinting, and fighting are almost all anaerobic exercises, while slow, sustained muscle exertion is also anaerobic, such as the most typical bodybuilding training. . Anaerobic training can be called strength training in general. You can simply understand that all movements involving moving weights are anaerobic. Strength training is the main force in the consumption of sugar reserves.
There are a lot of sports, there is no way to distinguish whether it is aerobic or anaerobic. Like weight lifting, sprinting, I can definitely say that this is anaerobic, but you tell me about the basketball movement? Can’t you say it? So you can only say which aspect of a particular sport. Some people use the lactate threshold to distinguish between absolute aerobic and absolute anaerobic. I don't agree. For example, I put together several strength training exercises to shorten the rest time between groups, so that you can achieve aerobic effects, such as cycling training, such as anaerobic interval. Therefore, aerobic and oxygen-free is not certain, don't entangle this. I said that the first strength after aerobic, refers to the more traditional training, is the strength training and aerobic training completely isolated training, the traditional mode of fat reduction is strength + aerobic, but why is the first strength after What about oxygen?
Order is very important. First power and then aerobic will make your fat loss effect more effective. It is best to do some weight-bearing training for women during the fat-reducing period, such as free weight dumbbell barbell training and equipment training.