Gaining pounds after cardio


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Hey Ya'll,

For the past two weeks I have been doing nothing but cardio. 40 minutes for lunch and 40 minutes after work on elliptical for both sessions. I am noticing a difference in my stomach area and I am feeling the difference too. However after my first 2 weeks it appears that my weight on the scale hasn't changed. I still weigh the same but feel thinner. I am not doing any kind of muscle building, just cardio on elliptical.

Any thoughts? I've read so many things about how muscles building is the reason for the additional weight but as I mentioned earlier I am not doing any muscle building exercises outside of using my legs on the elliptical. Maybe about 25-30 push ups a couple of times a week.

My diet has changed. I am eating in small portions several times a day. A few almonds here and there, some green apples, soup for lunch.
It is extremely unlikely you have built muscle, building muscle requires specific effort combined with either a calorie surplus, or a mild deficit while also being substantially obese.

if you have only been exercising for two weeks there will be some fluid retention within the muscles.

Diet is the biggest factor in weight loss, and eating too little and not getting proper nutrition is almost as bad as over eating.


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Thank you for your input. I will have a closer look at my diet. I was just curious how I could be smaller but still weigh the same. I have been drinking a lot more water. Thanks again.
Yes, I feel for OP. I am bit of a yoyo Dieter. When I was 30 I dropped 60lb in no time through exercise and diet. When I was 42, did it again, 265 to 199lb. Same approach.

Now I'm 48, and found myself up again. 245lb as of today. For 6 weeks, I've completely changed my diet to high protien low carbs. This coinciding with 5 days a week of exercise which includes 30 min of free weights, air squats, pushups, jumprope, situps. Then straight to a 3.5mile power walk.
I feel better. I'm sleeping great. My attitude is right but I sense this time something is different then before. In 6 straight weeks I thought I'd loose 10-15lb. But I have actually gained 2 lbs since the start. My waist is the same even though the diet change. Which includes zero alcohol.

I'm in Florida too where it's been 90f plus. I've been sweating and burning up during the pre workout and the 3.5mile.

Why so you think I'm stuck? Any words of encouragement appreciated.

Hi Dino,
You are not feeling something uncommon. When I started my weight loss journey, I was working out for weeks, I look in the mirror, I see I have reduced. But the scale won't agree with me.

Guess what I did?

I just gave it time. I paid more attention to my diet. I started seeing results.

Be patient, good things take time. But be rest assured that you'll achieve the results you seek if you focus on it long enough.

I think something might be up with your diet. If you don’t eat enough, then every time you eat, everything you eat will be stored as fat. I would reccommend eating there square meals a day of good natural food.