Groin Fat

Groin fat is very embarrassing. Especially when you're a guy. If it's large enough it effectively....uhm...well reduces the size, I should say!

I was do others feel about this? How long does it usually take to lose this fat, and are there any methods I can use if it doesn't come off. (Right now I think the sides of my belly are where I'm losing weight. I've lost 44.2 pounds and I can kinda tell a difference, but not much! Oh and my ass. It's practically flat, and I'm still fat, so I look funny XD)

Edit: Manboobs are pretty irritating too. :(...Now that my belly is shrinking, mine look like they're getting bigger but they aren't!
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You can't target fat loss and it is different for each person based on genetics. The only way to lost is it to keep losing weight.

As far as manboobs, in a small percentage of men is a condition known as Gynecomastia. Chances are more likely that the fat went on there early and thus will be one of the last places to come off (it is first in, last out for fat loss)
Right :). I was just wondering how other people felt and dealt with it. I wish you could target fat loss. Thanks for the input about the first in last off. I really don't remember when I got heavy. Thanks :).