Has anyone tried any celebrity cleanse/diet?

I came upon GOOP detox a few years ago. I know that people think gwyneth paltrow can be a bit out of touch sometimes, but the detox actually looks reasonable since you are actually eating meals three times a day, with vegetables, fruit and sometimes carbs.

This is the link:

Detox usually sound a bit gimmicky for me and makes me think of expensive, crappy tasting juice, but I tried making the Beet, Carrot, Apple and Ginger juice from her recipe and OMG it was delicious! It was so sweet and made me feel clean inside (altho some of the other recipes don't look as tempting). Has anyone tried any popular/fad/celebrity detox diet and found it to be not that bad? preferably the ones where you eat food instead of starve and drink juice only.
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Detox is a myth


anybody who is marketing any type of detox product, diet, smoothie recipes etc, are in it for the money.
Interesting article! To me detox means eating healthy/clean without much processed/junk food, and the juice/powder/pill stuff always seem a little gimmicky. I was surprised that the GOOP recipe I tried actually taste good, since I'm more inclined toward junk food, so it got me curious about other celebrity diet. =)
Unfortunately I've learned the hard way that most of these detox programmes are just gimmicks. Sure, you might lose weight initially but it just piles back on afterwards :(


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Unfortunally, I tried very many diets from celebrities and from internet. Nothing could helped me. I was very fat. I don't even want to think about those times, because I am fit right now. Not every diet is for everybody. But I found something very good for me. And it works maybe for 50% people. I used special system to lose my weight. And it worked! :D
Detox is a myth


anybody who is marketing any type of detox product, diet, smoothie recipes etc, are in it for the money.
This. Same goes with low fat, gluten, organic, free-range, cholesterol and other non-sense, which becomes the new healthy trend. The industry creates a market out of thin air, because it needs to grow. Have you noticed that all the new versions of the same product are more expensive than the regular ones, yet they usually contain less actual food? Because marketing.
I have never tried programs such as any celebrity cleanse diet myself. I prefer to go natural. The best way I learned to detox, is to eat lots of fruits and vegatables daily and be sure to eat enough fiber to keep your bowel movements passing easily and steady. I found that to be a better way to detox and feel better overall.
Yeah I tried some celebrities diets and they weren't good for me. As it was posted earlier here not all diets are ok personallt for you :oops: You should be careful while trying them.
I like more to read about some healthy lifestyles of my favourite celebrities and use some good ideas. For example I was glad to read this article because as Ariana I stopped to eat junk and other unhealthy food and from that time my weight became perfect to me. Besides her example is very inspiring because she looks like a normal woman, not like some awfully skinny models which definetely look really unhealthy o_O
My first rule when making a decision whether or not I should buy something...

If the product is being heavily marketed by a celebrity then it is often a load of shit.
I have not tried it, but I've been doing something that incorporates detoxing and flushing, both extremely important when we're losing fat. There are actually several components to the program that I've been on, and together, they produce phenomenal results. I, myself, have lost over 30 pounds in just a few months, and I'm super excited about it! I love sharing it with people :)


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I strongly advice everyone not to fall for these marketing fads. They are lies, promising quick and easy solutions, but not offering any improvement for the long term and taking your money (and possibly hurting your health). Focus on improving your eating, drinking and exercise habits, not just for weight loss, but for the long term. Don't try to lose weight just for the sake of losing weight (or because being fat is bad), find a higher purpose, something positive and inspiring that really motivates you. Some goal that you are willing to suffer for, to fight for. And finally, if you don't make progress, be courageous to find help from a friend, or a professional.