Haven’t lost any weight?!

Can someone tell me some reasons for not being able to lose weight because the only thing I am currently losing is my mind.

In the past when I would diet, I would lose 4-5 pounds in a week. As soon as I would start eating healthy, the pounds would fly off. One time, I lost 5 pounds barely doing anything.

Now, here I am, fatter than ever before and literally no matter what I try or how much effort I put into both diet and exercise, I can’t lose any weight. What is wrong with me?!


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Hi, Clare & welcome to the forum. It's hard for anyone to be able to help if they don't know what it is you are doing. Check out this thread to give you a guide- https://weight-loss.fitness.com/threads/information-needed-when-asking-for-help.89399/
The diary section is where most of us hang around & provide support to one another. You'll find it here- https://weight-loss.fitness.com/forums/weight-loss-diary.9/
I'm sure there's nothing wrong with you. There are often just simple things that you can change that will have weight coming off. I am going to stop having any starchy carbs for breakfast. No toast, no cereal. I had forgotten what a difference that makes to me. This morning I had natural yoghurt with fruit & 10g of almond meal. It's almost lunchtime & I am not faintly hungry. This could make a difference with you too. Tell us more & you will get help. Cheers, Cate.
Hi Clare,

Don;t drive yourself insane remember weight can fluctuate a lot throughout the course of a day, week and month. Weight/fat loss is never linear unfortunately. One week you will feel like your on top of the world and then the next you just feel down in the dumps and might not of lost much. Of course can't say much as there is not more detail but I would look at the time of the month. Female physiology is completely different to that of a male and this can play a huge role with how your body is doing. Different periods of the month your body will be doing different things and will be receptive to different macronutrients and types of training.

Do not get your head down about it. Keep slowly chipping away it will happen. As a matter of fact stressing about it will possibly do more harm then good.
Hello. I will tell you something first and foremost. Carbs are not bad they are your energy, if you cut them you will be sleepy and tired unless you eat alot of fat. So a healthy diet of 45% carbs 35% protien 20% fat will help alot. Counting macros is better then callories. Carb cutting will help cut water weight but fat loss without ketosis is rare. A healthy weight loss is 2-3 pounds a week with a life style change. All diets fail because you are not changing anything just restricting until your goal then people quit.
Go gluten-free for breakfast but not carb-free. Either go to oatmeal or quinoa or Red River cereal with your breakfast. I myself do not go gluten-free, I liked my toast but instead now eat 2 pieces of rye or multigrain crispbread with my breakfast. Crispbread can be found in the cracker section of the grocery section by the melba toast and 2 pieces only equals 80 calories and it seems to satisfy me. Today, for example, I had two fried eggs with one slice of tomato and 1 slice of mozzarella cheese between two pieces of crispbread. It satisfies my hunger and doesn't leave me craving carbs.
I think in the first days / weeks it is mostly water weight we lose. After that it gets harder as your body has to work harder to actually burn the fat. Keep your fluid intake under control as it makes it easier for your body to get rid of all the bad toxins in your body.

Stay motivated!!!