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While people can get success from Herbalife (either through the diet or as a reseller), it's is overpriced for something that can be done with simple eating healthy. Check this video out:

Is this the one that, a few years ago, had an employee slogan (not to the public) of "If they cry, they buy?" It was something along the same line if not this particular company - they taught the employees that if you could get the customer to be emotional, they'd buy more.

Ephedra is dangerous substance for many and belongs on the banned list. More than 800 dangerous reactions have been reported with use of the herb. These include heart attacks, strokes, seizures, and sudden deaths. According to a study in the Annals of Internal Medicine, ephedra products make up only 1% of herbal supplement sales in the U.S., but they are responsible for 62% of herb-related reports to poison-control centers.

As for Herbalife, it is a scam like many others including a relatively recent decision against them for deceptive practices.
that's 800 different reactions, not 800 reactions in total however I also agree there are plenty of prescription drugs which should not be out there but that still does not make some "natural herbs" safe especially in supplements and over the counter products which are very much abused.
This comparison I have direct experience with, Ephedra supplements would cause heart issues in my youngest son yet, Concerta (a slow release version of Ritalin) a highly controlled drug for which doctors were required to get additional permission to prescribe each time had no adverse side effects for him. Other alternatives also had severe side effects.

So any form of blanket statement saying herbs are safer can be very very dangerous.

For some herbs may be ok, but they are still drugs and can and do kill and should be taken with caution.

Also remember if your not picking it from your garden there is always some processing involved which bring this back around to the topic of this forum, diet. An example of the difference between processing and fresh is the use of stevia as a sweetener, there is a big difference between the processed product you buy off the shelf which has been processed with an assortment of chemicals compared to the Stevia leaves i pick from my garden.
This company is in category of a pyramid scheme and a networking business were you basically need to recruit more people each month so that you can gain more profit than actually selling the product itself. The products work if you follow their meal plan and workout for every individual which is specifically written for them. But the downside is the products cost so much more but you can attain your weight loss goal way more cheaper if you just eat healthy and train with a professional. As a business I can say that you cannot earn more unless you recruit more people than actually selling the products.
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Herbalife is pretty well known around here for being scam-like and selling people overpriced products, its sad that they are taking advantage out of people trying to better themselves.