How can i loss my weight?

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While most people has a problem with how to loss their weight I has a problem how to gain weight.

Eat whatever you want and workout harder and longer than you ever did.
5 tips to losing weight:
1.Tip 1: Stop and Think
Your brain and body work together. When approaching the topic of weight loss, it’s important to first sit down and discover the elements that have been contributing to your weight gain.
Tip 2: Get a Sufficient Amount of Sleep
Not getting enough sleep may increase your chances of becoming overweight in the long run.
Tip 3: Think Realistically and Positively
Keep your expectations in check. Don’t expect results overnight. It takes time to lose weight, build strength, and live an overall healthier lifestyle.
Tip 4: Exercise your way to health
To stay healthy, your body needs to move. Exercise is critical, and it can have many positive mental and physical benefits.
Tip 5: Watch What You Eat
Food is vital for life. But to be your healthiest, you must watch what you eat.
Hello aftab267,

Do proper exercise for weight loss. I want to suggest you hula hooping exercise to loss your weight , many of my friend loss their weight doing hooping. Actually hooping is new way to loss weight. And also take proper diet it will help you to lose weight.
It booils down to 3 things

How can i loss my weight?
Over 35 years, I have worked with hundreds of people aged 30-85 and even authored books to dispel all the myths, lies and scams out there that people waste time and money on .........

In the end, there is a simple 2-Step Plan that I have NEVER seen fail ............

It is based on

1) Lean Protein & Complex Carb Diet w/ a single cheat day every 14 days

2) Resistance Training

3) 30 Minutes of Cardio 3X per week (inside THR Zone)

When done right, I have never seen this fail to help a person reach their goals.

Michael Spitzer - Fitness at 40,50,60 and Beyond
Hi there!
Remember weight might be difficult. So first step is to accept this very fact. Then know that there right skills which can learnt only with practice inorder to lose weight without losing health.
There is no limit to information you can get these days from internet and various other sources but only gaining information will never help you get results.
Only efforts produce results. Train your body little by little for the big success. Don't force yourself for anything! love your body more than ever! its precious! Care for it and do all what can be done in moderation only then you can lose weight and maintain for a lifetime. I am telling this from my personal weightloss success and others weightloss success..
What has worked for me is writing down what I eat and also limiting my carb intake. I have the most carbs in the morning, then my lunch I have a small portion of carbs and then for dinner I usually try not to take in any carbs at all or very very few. This has helped my drop 18 pounds fairly quickly.
Follow these steps,

Control Your Portions:
One of the first steps that you should take when developing a diet to lose weight is controlling your portion sizes. Many people thing they are limiting their portions well, when in fact they are not. Most consumers eat portions that are much too large, and that is a major cause of obesity. A correct portion size is about the size of your hand, but investing in a kitchen scale and weighing out your portions exactly can help you lose weight.

Cut Out Fattening Foods:
It may sound like common sense, but if you are developing a weight loss diet, you have to cut out the fattening foods from your diet. This doesn't just mean sweets and fried foods; it can also include convenience meals that come prepackaged and frozen dinners that have an alarmingly high amount of sodium.

Drink Lots of Water:
Water is a natural cleanser and it can help you lose weight more quickly. By drinking plenty of water and flushing out your body on a daily basis, you get rid of all the bad that is in your body and keep only that which is good and necessary. You should aim to drink at least 8 eight ounce glasses of water per day.

Weight loss diet tips like those above can help you drop pounds in a fast and effective manner. By maintaining a healthy diet and regular exercise routine, you can get the body you want in a reasonable amount of time.
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For me, my blessing has been Juice Plus. Not only just the product giving me exactly what my body needs the support in the juice plus community is so amazing they remind me everyday that i am doing well and are there if i have any questions. :)
@Fitness_Chick Hey hun, Its a whole food based product of juice powder concentrates from 30 different fruits, vegetables and grains plus an array of natural antioxidants, phytochemicals and fibres in capsule form :) Those in the morning have boosted my metabolism, given me the energy to actually last through the day with out feeling lethargic or needing a nap and it's totally changed my mum life and my diet. I don't get stupid cravings as much as i just feel generally healthy because its not stuff i'd usually eat anyway :)


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Juice plus is just a very expensive multi-vitamin, and not even a good one at that. You will get more from a multivitamin from your local grocery store and save you $20-$30 / month.

Any study that you read regarding Juice+ was done by Juice+ and the studies are designed to make them look good. They wouldn't publish a study where they look bad. However, that said, all the studies results are based around the vitamins that are in the Juice, so again, why spend so much money for something you get from a multivitamin.
Stay focused, create goals... and most importantly create a plan. Once you have a plan in action it will be easier to stay on track. Also meal prepping is a good option which you could possibly look into. Best of luck!
Some suggestions that I found useful in my experience:

1. Eat only when you are really, really hungry.
2. Thoroughly chew what you eat, make a paste f it and then swallow it down. Keep your mouth closed when doing this.
3. Do not drink water 20-30 minutes before eating, while eating, 20-30 minutes after eating.
4. Drink as much water you want after this time gap. Drink water slowly, allowing saliva to mix with water.
5. Eat plenty of raw vegetables and fruits the way explained above.
Great advice John, well said.
I have doubt about whether these products will work or not. I wanted to know what the mechanism for losing the weight. I mean, how do these products help to get results?
I reckon being vegetarian might help lose weight, if anything just because it takes longer to prepare the food so you don't just binge , it's winning on bestiverse at the moment
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it's winning on bestiverse at the moment
The fact that 8 people had voted for it when I looked in an online poll is hardly conclusive.
When you consider the number of people who have listed their religion as "Jedi" on census forms - I'm sure that I could find a dozen people happy to put "eating chocolate and drinking wine".

Don't be convinced of anything by such polls - look for research or articles by trusted authorities.
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