How can i loss my weight?

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Reduce refined carbohydrates like white rice, white bread, pasta. Exercise regularly. try to reduce stress coz it trigger cortisol production that interferes with metabolism, appetite control and sleep. Eat lots of green veggies.
If you are serious about losing weight, you have to find out first why you are overweight. There are hundreds of possible reason causing weight gain, and it's not just eating too much or moving too little (although these two factors definitely contribute!). Instead of jumping on any diet that sounds promising, do some self-monitoring first. Write down for at least one week what exactly you were eating. Calculate the total calories and the calories per day. Figure out what is the percentage of carbs, proteins and fats in your diet. Compare your caloric intake and your percentage of macronutrients with recommended daily allowances for people of your age, weight and gender. This way you will know to what extent your personal diet is behind your weight gain.

If your caloric intake if not too excessive, you may have to look at the quality of your food: processed food is likely to contribute to the weight gain more, even if the calorie count is not excessive. Processed food is very easy to digest, which means that the body spend less energy on breaking down the food and is left with more calories to store.

Most people with excess body weight consume too much sugar, often in the form of various fizzy drinks. Sodas are some of the worst enemies of dieters. Check how large is your sugar intake. It is often enough to cut the sugar from diet to achieve a substantial weight reduction.

In addition to food diary, monitor for the same period of time your physical activities (number of steps and exercise, if any). Also, record how many hours a day you spend sedentary. Again, you can calculate how many calories your physical activity helps you to burn and how this compares with recommended daily level of activity. If you are exercising, do you do the most effective exercises for weight loss? For instance, running doesn't help that much in losing weight, even though it is good for your health.

Check the quality of your sleep: it is well known that people with poor sleep quality or those who sleep insufficient or irregular hours tend to gain weight fast. Maybe this is something what you have address too.

All the things above are about the personalization of your approach to weight loss. "One size fits all" approach never works. Once you know what's wrong with you, you are in a much better position to address your specific issues related to body weight. There is a lot of useful information around on the subject of personalised weigh loss and diet. Check, for instance, the book of Dr Wlassoff Link Removed . This book covers hundreds of specific questions related to personalisation of weight loss strategies. There are many other resources online too with specific advices, but beware of people trying to sell you commertial weight loss product. More often than not, the information provided by them is not entirely honest.
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Well this is a misconception that eating more lead to weight gain but in reality this is not true. I have a lot of friends who are eating a lot of junk food and still they are perfect. It all depends on your body type and your daily workout. People with sitting job are more severe to weight problems. Few months before i just lost 10 ksgs just by controlling my diet and simply following Keto diet chart that would be suggested to me by my trainer and withing 2 months i lost almost 10 kgs.
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