I got warts from the gym!!

SO I just began my diet and workout routine...I'm finally on a path to loose weight. I signed up for the gym and I was only there a few days when I got warts on my hand. I went to the dermatologist and I caught them early, but they are still on almost every finger and palms. I know to begin with I had a weak immune system (overweight, bad health, bad eating, etc) , so it was easy for me to catch these warts unfortunately. It just sucks that when I finally go to change myself and start a healthy lifestyle, that I have this happen. Currently I can't do much with my hands because they're bandaged and have medicine on them that make it sore. So I've been doing cardio and things that don't require my hands because I don't want to give up when I have just begun (its so hard and embarrasing!!) Dermatologist recommended Propolis (bee resin) to boost my immune system and get rid of warts. So hopefully that'll help. I'm also using apple cider vinegar.

Anyone else have any advice? I will listen to anything!

This is also a warning/reminder to be careful at the gym! Always clean your equipment before using! I'm new to the gym scene, so I think I must of missed doing some. But never again!

(***and yes I know it's possible I got the warts from something/someone else....but I believe it was from the gym and my dermatologist agreed.)
I would recommend you to stimulate your immune system in much higher scale. Try ginseng, high dose of vitamine C (over 1000 mg per day), checking your vitamine D levels, selenium, zinc, high fiber intakes, high intake of water (up to 3 liters). Generally you should check everything, but this is a good start.