I think i need help!

Hello guys,
I'm new in this forum.
I'm an italin guy, i'm 23 , i'm 1,75Cm for 73Kg.
I just find it out by searching on google. ps.( I am really sorry but my english is not perfect )
I've been doing this "self-made" diet for 3 weeks, but the problem is that i don't know if im going well or not.

My Diet: " / " means or

Breakfast: 2 eggs + 1 banana+1 slice of bread / 2 eggs+1 slice of bread with strawberry jam

Lunch: i really don't know what to eat for lunch but usually i'm eating 2 onighiri / 1 nikkuman (some bread with meat/ 1 sandwich with tomatoes+carrots+chicken

Dinner: chicken+salad / salmon+asparagus ( i usually cook this two dishes with abundant soy souce )

diring the day i usually eat: 2 walnuts, 1 apple, sometimes after dinner i eat some fruit like apples or pineapples.

i'm also doing some exercise every day:

1 Plank a day till i can
one day yes and one day no i'm doing push ups 3 repetitions for 10 ( i started doing 10 but every time im adding 1 , im doing 3 for 13 now)
Now im trying to jump the rope for 15minutes a day

can you guys help me please ? i just want to lose some Kg, i'm on a hurry because now i'm in Japan and i can manage my diet by my self, once i came back to Italy i'll be hard for me because of my family.
Hi Francesco,

I'm Lucas and I've lost 70 pounds since I started working out and dieting a couple years ago.
I think that the most important thing to realize (which is not a fun fact to accept) is that all sustainable weight loss is going to take a long time. Loosing .5-1 kg a week seems slow but I promise it will add up.

I liked your diet, and I think there are a few things you can do to meet your goals. What kind of bread are you using for your breakfast and lunch? If it is something with whole grain and fiber, that is much better than highly process white break.
Also you never mentioned what you are drinking throughout the day. Do you drink a lot of water? I struggled the first year of working out and dieting because I didn't drink any water. Also I was drinking a lot of pop which is full of calories. So my biggest piece of advice is to cut out all drinks except for water (and the occasional glass of red wine because that stuff is too good) and I think you will be on your way to your goal :)
Hello Lucas! Thank for your reply

Yep i'm drinking just water and coffee, i use the normal bread because here, in japan is impossible to find the cereal one.

Do you have same tip for me ? i have just 3 months to do it, i just have to lose 3/4 Kg

By the way to lose 1Kg in just one week is a lot
Hello! Thanks for your reply.
Im planning to do same exercise for my abs, such as plank,crunch,reverse crunch.
Im jumping the rope from tomorrow, 15 minutes a day.

I really need help because i have no Experience , im 70kg by the way