If you change nothing. Nothing will change.

Three years ago I'd been watching a programme on weight loss surgery on the Discovery channel. (I forgot the programme name actually)

A beautiful woman suffering from severe obesity. She has some nice family members with one 7 years old daughter and a responsible and lovable husband. She got help from her sister and mother as well. She determined to lose her weight through surgery. But her weight is so much higher than the doctor's recommended weight for surgery. She had to lose her weight from 350 to 200 lbs. The doctor wants to see her determination on losing weight and not get back that situation again. But after 10-15 days the fickle minded lady gave up. She can't do it. So the doctor did the same to her. They didn't do surgery of her.

What I've learned from that programme is that the weight loss ability is nor in the hand of the doctor neither in the hand of food. It's only me and myself who determine my weight loss.

Happy weight loss. "If you change nothing. Nothing will change. "