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I'm a vegetarian...

Discussion in 'Vegetarian' started by Strongmom, Mar 24, 2015.

  1. Strongmom

    Strongmom New Member

    Mar 19, 2015
    I hate meat.... not morally... I've just never enjoyed it. I used to say I was a vegetarian, but used it as an excuse to eat a lot of pasta. Now I'm on a strict vegetarian diet & I feel great. I don't dread eating! It's a life choice I'm very happy to have made.
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  3. Manala

    Manala New Member

    Jan 29, 2017
    Hey StrongMom,

    Are you still vegetarian? vegan?
    Do you feel like it works in the long-term?
    Out of curiosity, what do you feel is the hardest part? I used also to use it as an excuse to eat pasta at every meal, but now I still eat pasta, only low fat yummy recipes that doesn't make me feel guilty :)

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