Is paleo good for weight loss?


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Unlike what is advertised, paleo is not a certain diet. Different people in different parts of the world ate different things depending on what food was available. For example 2 tribes in the Amazon rainforest have acai berries as over 60% of their diet. Today you can go into a food store and buy foods from all around the world.
The paleo diet is a very good diet and its a good but you obviously need a lot of exercise. The theory is that the modern foods we call foods are not really foods most processed food contain toxins, chemicals and other nasty's that will make you overweight but starve you of nutrition. so the alternative is to take a step back and take a look at what foods made us evolve this is where the paleo diet comes in. we ate foods that can only be hunted or harvested. so try eating organic foods. its a good start for losing weight because you can get the nutrition. but exercise is just as important
Yeah paleo is awesome I lost 60lbs since I started paleo and I didn't even have to try. And my body settled at a healthy BMI. That's without exercise too. I just kept eating normally, as much as I want but just not these types of foods. Grains, dairy, legumes, sketchy chemicals. It's easy too cause you're not counting calories or keeping track of any numbers. You do gotta check nutrition labels, and you learn a lot of whats actually in your food.

I could care less about the history of the paleo people cavemen eaters and why it's supposed to work. Cause really all the paleo diet is, is just eating healthy and natural. But they gave eating healthy and natural a name.


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From a weight loss perspective, it's no different than any other "diet". However, as everyone has stated, Paleo is about cutting out the grains and going with meat, fruits and vegetables. They suggest keeping the fruit to a minimum if the goals is to lose weight because they are higher in calories (and sugar). But, weight loss, for any diet, is simply eat less than you burn. This can be applied to any diet as long as it's a healthy diet (so that you are getting proper nutrition)


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There a lot of high fat protein sources in paleo? Is that really the healthiest way to lose weight?
Paleo does not require you to eat anything. If you do not want to eat insects then you do not have to eat insects. You just need to avoid foods that did not exist over 12,000 years ago. This includes all processed foods and these foods were designed by people to make you fat and addicted to food. As far as lifestyle avoid medications also since some can make you fat and 40% of medications are to treat the side effects of other medications. WebMD says that salt is worse for your health than smoking.
I lost weight when I was paleo before for a year, but more than that I simply felt better! I have gotten a little off track with my diet, and I am just about to start eating strictly paleo again. You should try it out!
Try not to focus on a particular fad diet and instead on healthy nutrition in appropriate portion sizes. Overeating on anything will cause weight gain so if you strive to maintain a certain calorie amount each day, and get some type of cardio exercise, you will lose weight. Find out what would be an appropriate calorie amount for you based on your height, age, gender, and activity level, then use a calorie tracking app like the one from FitnessPal and that will really help get you focusing on how much you're putting into your body. Do away with the junk food like soda, potato chips, cookies, crackers, and eat healthy portions and you will lose the weight you're trying to get rid of. You gotta stick with it though, it takes time to do this in a healthy manner :)
Paleo is exceptional for weight loss.

It's healthy, it's relatively easy. The only thing is that it's quite expensive, and it's difficult psychologically to stick to.
Not a fan of the club like mentality and commercialization of it. Bit like the constant animated & annoying advertising in this forum. I am staring to wondering if I have a virus?
The Paleo diet has you eating as the caveman ate back in our ancestor days, so you’ll be focusing on plenty of lean animal protein sources, a high intake of fresh fruits and vegetables, along with healthy fats coming from seeds, olive oils, avocados, and coconut.

Dairy products, grains, processed foods, and legumes are all banned from this approach. In order to fuel your workouts, you’ll also want to add in small doses of sweet potatoes, yams, or higher carbohydrate vegetables such as squash, peas, and corn for increased energy.

The paleo diet tends to work very well for fat loss results because it naturally keeps your blood glucose levels stable, thereby controlling hunger and your calorie intake without a problem
I am so glad I found this thread!

Hi everyone, my name is Alfie Mueeth and I owe my life to the Paleo lifestyle!!!

I have never felt better!

I guess why it appealed to me was I never felt like it was a diet. I never felt as if I was dieting, if you know what I mean?

I have a blog dedicated to paleo diet for beginners with some articles being over 3000 words long :) (lol, I am passionate)

I discuss my journey on the paleo lifestyle and what i would have done differently (hindsight is a beautiful thing)

I don't want to post the link here and appear as some sort of spammer.

Can you guys suggest how I share my information?

Or should I just copy and paste the epic articles on this thread?

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The best way to share your info is to answer specific questions, if you post a link it needs to be to a non commercial site and answer a question somebody has asked. just posting a link and saying visit my site it's great without relevance to the specific subject is pushing the boundaries of what is allowed. I have some discretion within the rules but a link in every post will also be a bit over the top.

Basically be part of the community and not someone who is here to push their blog or other site.

Finally, Welcome
apart from that awful pop up advert for your ebook on every page (which I am assuming is being used to build up your marketing list) the site is ok, so I am going to wait and see how things go. just remember be part of the community, contribute without looking for a place to put your link in every post. If you post good info then people will look at your profile and visit your site without having to push it.

Even mods cannot push our own sites, which is why I rarely post links to content I have written elsewhere unless it is very specific to another members question.
I personally don't recommend the paleo diet to my clients.

The reason why is because foods not allowed on the paleo diet such as grains, dairy, and beans are GOOD foods. Whole-grains, and beans are a great source of fiber. Dairy and beans are awesome convenient sources of protein.

Also, I think its unrealistic to never eat a cupcake or ice cream ever again. Moderation is important. The paleo diet includes a lot of healthy foods, which is important to incorporate into your diet. But completely restricting a food is hard to do and not realistic.

The basis in which the Paleo Diet was founded makes a lot of sense for weight loss. That being said, it is not any better than any other diet in terms of more weight loss than a diet that includes higher carbohydrates in the diet. Plenty of studies have shown success with high carbohydrate diets and low carbohydrate diets. Here are some pros and cons with the Paleo Diet, especially as it pertains to weight loss:

  • Removes processed food from the diet (especially refined carbohydrates)
  • Focuses people on a more traditional way of eating (whole foods over processed foods)
  • Geared toward eating foods higher in nutrients (great for curbing cravings)
  • Debunks the myth that dietary fat and protein are bad for your health (think the craze about saturated fat being bad)
  • With the move toward whole foods, more fiber is consumed, making digestion better and more rhymic
  • While low carbohydrates diets work for some people, shunning foods like potatoes and rice from the diet is not necessary for weight loss
  • Most Paleo-lites are very opinionated, thinking there way is the only way
  • ANY diet that is too extreme can cause phobias geared around food, making social eating a nightmare for some
  • Losses touch with traditional diets that were perfectly healthy on high carbohydrate diets
  • Has rough scientific evidence that suggests paleo eating is actually paleo eating
Synopsis: While eating strictly paleo might be good for some, it is not for everyone, and should be considered the only way to lose a significant amount of weight. Paleo is great in that it steers its participants toward whole food eating. That being said, its strict guidelines, while seemingly believable, are not rooted in hard science.
Am I the only one who struggles with being active when I reduce my carb intake?
Hey Steve,

Totally know where you are coming from here. It can be hard to quickly go from a medium to high carbohydrate eating style. The low energy, want to be less active, feeling is very common. I went through this period before too. Have you tried upping your fat intake? Most the time low carbers neglect the importance of up-regulating their fat intake when they lower carbohydrate intake. For a quick boost, I use peanut butter and celery. I also put coconut oil or butter in my coffee to get some taste fat calories without having to naw on butter. Another great boost is snacks like nuts and seeds with some protein.