Joel's healthier Life

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life long transformation that would change my life for ever. I'm Joel I Suffer from gynoclomastia and weight loss, it's huge that I would have to go threw this alone and finatually unfit to pursue my life and the things I'm capable of achieving. I'm 24 years old. my mother passed away. To my knowledge from Unknown causes when she underwent surgery in Colombia back in 2017. I have two older brothers that live with there family's. I live on my own I get help from them if they can. I feel like in my life I get down graded when a business is trying to strive in a image that I can't appall too and I'm constantly looking for new jobs and that's extremely difficult for me when I take care of myself and I pay for my things on my own. I usually go to gym at least twice a week after I lost all that weight.. ever since I moved 3 months ago I havent been able to go to any gym. Theres no stores around here and the closest gym is 5 miles away I'm moving out next month I've been doing colistetics it's scary to want to loose weight.. I prey to find the motivation to go harder everyday to feel better. Sometimes I feel hopeless that I can't see who I really am. I'm not treated right.. I don't want to keep ignoring people I'm tired of being in this little box I have over my head. I have faith there's some one that'll help me in this part of my life I'll surely get over the peak .. God Bless and live prosperous lifes guys and respect your sponsers. I appreciate who ever took time to read and great vibes for you and yours ..
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one way to transform yourself both mentally and physically is to get outside and walk. Commune with nature or mix with the city--they say when you walk the angels walk with you..the gym is five miles away..give yourself an hour and a half to walk to the gym..and start walking..youll be amazed at what it can do