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Cooking is not my forté. When I need to fend for myself, I can do quite well on uncooked meals. The bonus side of doing it myself has always been a reduction in temptation when it's not prepared by someone who works well with flavour. Another consequence is that weight loss is almost guaranteed when I keep it at my skill level. I enjoy almost any vegetable or fruit raw and tend to eat less meat and fewer processed meat products. Cheese, avocado, whole wheat bread and some sprouts with fruit/veg on the side and lunch is provided. Some pickled herring and a tub of quality potato salad (with extra radishes and pickles tossed in, maybe an extra egg) and I'm good for dinner. My breakfast oatmeal mix with several ingredients doesn't take 5 minutes from when I take a bowl from the cupboard and leaves me time to put on coffee and get vitamins during those same minutes.

Is your aversion to cooking caused either by doing it far too well, or too much investment in effort for your return?
Good question, really. I think it´s mainly the fact that I have to do it and do it at least once every day if I want to stay healthy even short-term. It´s boring and takes up time I´d rather use for something else but I don´t get a real choice. I have a collection of allergies and intolerances that means a lot of bought/processed food hurts me (stomach, gut or skin) and I can eat very few raw fruits and veggies. So far the food at work hasn´t been great but it´s good enough and since they mainly cook for elderly people the food is pretty conservative and unlikely to have surprise ingredients that might kill me. They do use a lot of butter, heavy cream and white flour but that´s just what traditional Austrian cuisine is like. On the other hand there´s a choice of three menus every day and they always have one meatless option, even if that´s usually heavy on cream, cheese and eggs and at least once a week is basically pancakes or baked cheese cake. I had chard casserole yesterday, fried couscous balls on a bed of pumpkin... mush on Monday and I might have the venison ragoût today because the veggie option (which I forgot) didn´t look appealing. We´ll see. My stomach isn´t thrilled with it all but I don´t feel too sick after lunch either so it´s a win so far.
It´s pretty common here, at least in winter. The ragoût was a bit too salty for my tastes but I had it with mashed potatoes (instead of the officially planned giant Semmelknödel) which counteracted it pretty well. No stomach upset at all this time. I have high hopes!


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I love Venison& we always have some in our freezer. It's good that your stomach is not reacting badly to the work food LaMa. Here's hoping......
I miss venison so much. I grew up in an area with a lot of hunters so it was hard to find, but have since moved to a more urban/suburban area. All of the food in your previous post has made me so hungry.
Had a decent soup for breakfast but my stomach is struggling mightily. I'm tired despite getting enough sleep and I really just want to curl up in a corner where nobody will find me. All this may have something to do with the fact Boss is honouring us with her presence today. And Secretary is expecting a fight. Nothing directly to do with me but I hate shouting and agressive silence equally.
I hope you're right. No screaming yet and she's been here for half an hour already! I live in hope :)
Lunch today was pork cheeks in red wine sauce with rösti rounds. A bit heavy but absolutely delicious. The veggie option would have been pasta with tomato sauce... and nothing else. A bit of a contrast.
Pork cheeks are literally the chewing muscles of a pig. So facial cheeks, not the hammy kind :p Amazingly tender when cooked slowly.

Today turned out a LOT better than I´d feared. One of my dad´s favorite sayings translates to something like "the thing you suffer from most is the fear of suffering to come". Anyone got a proper English analogy?

I need to go sleepies right now or I´ll be toast again tomorrow.
Thanks Cate and Cory, I was mighty relieved as well. Slept better (surprise!), this morning´s soup turned out very well and we´re headed for the weekend! The veggie option today will be baked cheesecake so I will again have something meaty. Or fishy, perhaps, as it´s Friday and in more traditional houses there would be a choice of (usually fried) fish or a sweet on Fridays. Neither of which I´d personally consider fasting, but who am I to judge?


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Can honestly say I don't think I've ever tried venison. I can't even imagine what it'd taste like either. Cheesecake though I'm an expert on :p

Glad you're doing well LaMa :)
Glad to hear you slept better and no one got hurt at work! Cheesecake sounds really good right now! :D
Not a big fan of cake in general, thankfully :p Dessert´s included with every lunch :eek:
Can honestly say I don't think I've ever tried venison.
Usually it tastes like whatever sauce it´s in :) I don´t really know how to describe the "bare" taste other than it´s a little stronger than farm-raised meat.
Hope you have a lovely weekend LaMa. Any plans?
I´m going shopping with S and little H this morning and otherwise I´ll be going for plenty of little walks. Recovery time!
You're right. That really doesn't sound like fasting. :rotflmao:
It´s funny what people will come up with when trying to avoid the things they know they should want to do but really don´t. There´s probably a great metaphor in there about long-term weightloss :p

Lunch yesterday was indeed fried fish (hake), but I found out you could also get it baked if you asked. In which case you also got some sautéed rainbow carrots instead of tartar sauce. Also some excellent dill potatoes. Yay! Good grub, no big stomach issues.
Decided not to have the grilled veggie mixes for my soup anymore as they make the whole thing more greasy than I really enjoy and if I´m going to be having work lunches I´ll be getting enough fat into my body as it is.