I'll be sure to let you know when I get round to it :) I'm pretty sure I can get the fresh stuff at the Naschmarkt as well but I don't know if they'd sell it unripe enough.

Best-laid plans and all that: I went for a short walk before bed and even though I washed right afterward I had trouble breathing when I went to bed so I went and took my antihistamine 10 hours early. Hmpf. I guess it's an opportunity to check my hypothesis. Yay for chemistry, anyway.


Never gives up
I had an appointment to see an allergy doctor about a year ago & was asked to stop taking antihistamines for 2 weeks. After 4 days I was almost scratching my skin off & took one & cancelled my appointment. There was no point getting tested anyway I thought as I was tested about 20 years ago & was allergic to almost everything they tested me for. Have you tried a combination LaMa? I take a 90mg Fexofenadine in the morning & then one Phenergan 10mg at night & that combination has always reduced my hayfever symptoms. The Phenergan makes you drowsy though, so that is why I take the low dose one & only at night. I just looked it up & it says best not to use with Asthma. :( I think it's time I went to see an allergy doctor. They are few & far between here in Tasmania.
Going outside at night makes me particularly itchy & very short of breath. Cold air causes your airways to produce histamines & cold, night air seems even worse. I still love it though!
Your day off sounds well spent to me LaMa. :)
Thanks, Cate. I used to take one of the older antihistamines (can't remember now: gets used against anxiety these days and the name sounds like a disease) at night because I couldn't sleep anyway (didn't know I'm histamine intolerant yet) and a more modern one in the morning but I'd just feel dehydrated and drowsy all day. Now I have desloratadin, which I've been told to take three times a day when things were bad. It's definitely ok to take daily and I probably should. I had asthma as a kid and don't need it back so I'm just going to have to take extra care of what I eat so at least if my skin reacts this time I'll be confident what caused it. But better yet: I may simply be fine :)

I could've slept another 2 hours but the meds worked and I was fine after half an hour or so - yay for big pharma indeed...
No worries, Cory, it's not a competition. It's ok to feel bad for yourself sometimes even if you're not among the the 1 (or even 50) % worst-off people in the world. You don't have to prove you're objectively the poorest sod within a 10 mile radius before you have a right to compassion and -if needed- accommodation.

Been having gut trouble all day and at first I thought the stomach bug that's been making the rounds might have caught up with me but then I remembered Cate talking about having issues when she started taking turmeric. Lo and behold: I bought turmeric yesterday and put it into my "tea" this morning for its anti-inflammatory effects. Will go back to using it only in tasty amounts and hope that'll settle the issue.
Breakfast was gnocchi with red cabbage and bean mash. For lunch I had ravioli with an undefinable filling, topped with rocket and cherry tomatoes in a creamy, herby sauce with a small piece of red currant meringue cake. Dinner will be sushi as it's past 6 pm and I'm not home yet.
Sushi´s good stuff :) I was still hungry half an hour after though, so I had a piece of ham and an egg... and a bar of chocolate. A small one, so nowhere near as bad as it could have been but still pretty unplanned. O well.
Had gnocchi for breakfast again, this time with carrot, broccoli, bean mash, smoky aubergine and some cashews. Relatively short day at work today, so I may be able to fit a walk in the park in afterwards.
Huh. I also take turmeric for its anti-inflammatory properties and have had no such issues. The human body is a weird thing.

Also super jealous of your breakfast. That sounds so good right now.
Huh. I also take turmeric for its anti-inflammatory properties and have had no such issues. The human body is a weird thing.
Sure is. Then again: if digestive issues were a typical reaction to turmeric we wouldn't be using it in the kitchen in the first place. Thankfully my belly is fine today, which it wouldn't be if I'd caught a virus.
Had a pork chop with fried potatoes and mixed veggies for lunch with yogurt mousse for dessert. Without the fruit bits this time cause last time I overlooked a piece of banana and was miserable all afternoon. Last client was sick so I decided to leave early to go for that walk. Itching all over and I may be a bit sunburned but it was lovely. On my way home for a cold shower now; hope that'll mostly solve both issues.
Dinner was bread salad again and I was mighty hungry AGAIN even though that's a very filling meal. Had a small handful of nuts and a small bar of chocolate and was still hungry when I went to bed. Which is weird. Fruit would have been better than chocolate but I couldn't find any that looked desirable.
Still having trouble waking up in the morning, which also weird for me but has been going for months now. At least my shorter commute means I still have time to cook and eat a decent dinner.
Hoping for a nice long, slow rain today to wash everything clean.
Sometimes you just have to have the chocolate. :p

I'm having one of those nice slow rains today. Spring is here for real now and it feels exactly like you said, that things are being washed clean.


Never gives up
Hope you got that rain LaMa. It may have got confused & came here instead though. Now that I am not going into shops I don't have chocolate. There has to be an upside ;) or is it a downside? I think only having a little bit of a very good quality chocolate is not a bad thing.
We did! I woke up this morning early, feeling energized and non-bloated for the first time in a while, decided to go for a walk before the pollen got too bad (yesterday just walking home from the bus stop made me miserable) and realized the streets were wet and the air was clear! Praise be! I am a happy Lama.
Off topic, not rant, but still: :rant: Went to a party yesterday and someone noticed the state of my hands (no steroids+pollenfest= reddened, raw hands, although I feel it´s getting better). I just said hay fever and she responded with "I don´t understand that". Well, you know, pollen in the air. "Yeah but why does it make people sick?" And thus I learned that people can live in this day and age who don´t know about allergies other than the word existing. Then again: at D´s Easter brunch there was a young woman currently working on her master´s in food sciences telling people the whole brouhaha around allergies and labeling laws is silly because only around 1% of people have real allergies. While that may be true (it´s tough to get hard numbers because of the cost and risk associated with conducting large-scale food challenges) a) the prevalence among preschoolers is a lot higher (commonly recognized as being 5-10% in western countries) and we don´t want to kill kids, b) judging by hospital admissions over the decades the prevalence is most definitely rising and that 1% is a pretty old number and c) accidentally killing off even 1% of your population could be seen as a bit sloppy. Apart from which: I now know what it´s like to be among the 1%. Huzzah!

Neither encounter is important in the grand scheme of things but it reminded me how much I´ve grown accustomed to moving in my own, safe, circle where people know me and take my concerns seriously. I´m the third of four allergic kids in my family and my sisters projectile-vomited on enough people that they started listening to my mom when she told them not to feed us certain things. For my extended family: one of my cousins almost died before they found out she was lactose intolerant (late 1970s; that stuff wasn´t on everyone´s mind yet). As for my friends: most of them have seen me at my worst and they believe me. I guess I assumed that society in general had changed but it seems I just built my own little bubble. Strange feeling, but it´s always good to be reminded of reality. :rant:

Doing well with food. Not working out but making sure I go for plenty of walks. Nothing more to say.


Never gives up
Most people don't have a bloody clue LaMa but it's time they did. I live in possibly one of the places on the planet, with the cleanest air & yet people feel they need room "fresheners" that poison our air! Open a window FFS!
Yup. Get up early and air your den out. Beats every scented product by a country mile.
Walked for about four hours today. The littly was so tired she fell over a couple of times so there was a good bit of kid-carrying as well. I feel like I ate a lot but as far as I can remember I really didn´t. Air was a lot better than I´d expected and the sun was mostly hidden so I didn´t have anything to worry about. Lovely!
Pollen load went down drastically so I´m no longer taking my antihistamine and - lo! - my skin´s better. Checked the package insert and rashes are indeed a possible side effect of desloratadin, though less than one patient is 10,000 reports it. Good to know but since breathing is more important than having pretty skin I´ll still take it on bad days, of course.
Yesterday I ate All The Things. Didn´t binge but grazed all day long. Not going to calculate calories but I´m guessing around 4,000. Had All The Weird Dreams in response, some of them unpleasant but some very entertaining as well. Still woke up rested, which is nice, and apart from my sore stomach I´m feeling fine this morning. Life´s pretty good.


Never gives up
I occasionally wonder why I bother taking antihistamines, but am too scared to stop. I have been having crazy dreams lately too, but not the last 2 nights which is good. Sound sleep is SO under-rated. Life is good, hon xoxo
Glad you seemed to have a nice weekend! I also think it's ok to occasionally have a high calorie day like that. You know, I've noticed that I get weird dreams too when I graze all day like that too.