Lets make this the MOST supportive forum!!!

Hey guys, THeres no doubt WLF is one of the BIGGEST forums out there! I'm so proud of the members of our forum! I know when I log on, I feel like I"m coming home! You guys are all so great!

BUT the newcomers section is the most neglected section of the forum, and thats too bad! We have so many wonderful people visiting our site and I don't feel like they're getting the welcome they deserve!

I know it takes effort sometimes to sit there and welcome people to the forum, but try to remember what it was like for you just joining up. You all know the old saying "treat others like you would want to be treated".

So lets all step up our game, welcome those newcomers and make WLF....

Hey! I got two great responses to my first post. And now I'm hooked. Thanks!

Carla Dawn

I think its easy to forget about the newcomers because of the layout of the forum. There are so many sections. It's a mistake a lot of forums make.

The fewer sections in a forum the better. Also the fewer stickies the better. Maybe all the stickies could go in their own section and not clog up the threads pages.

I'd like to see some of the sections amalgamated so its not so tedious to check in to each one and see if there are new posts. As the weight loss diaries is the most popular branch, i reckon the newcomers branch needs to be located right above it so that newcomers can see the weight loss diary.

I say this because it took me a while to find the diary section and it certainly wasn't visible the first time I came to the forum. Because on the top section showed up.

There's just too much to look around at when you are new to this forum. I'm a regular on at least one very busy forum and on one that has many sections, I have no need to visit the other sections because the topics are right out of my field of need most times and its the same for everyone else but on this forum, i think all sections are relevant to almost of all us most of the time. That's why it should be easy to see what's going on at a glance.

I also wish that new posts stayed bold until i had read them. Can this not be done. The time period is really too short and in fact you might as well not have it because if you don't read it and leave hte page, next time you come back its not bold any more so then you don't know what you've read or not.
Hi there... I am brand new... could you tell me where/how to find the Diary section?