LF> Knowledgeable people who can answer some Dieting questions.

Hello everyone! I'll be surprised if anyone notices my comment among the hundreds of others, but heres to hoping!

So I am a 170 pound Female with a height of 5 ft 6 inches and my BMR was measured at 1600 and my TDEE with moderate 4-5 day exercise at 2,430. Im looking to have a 1000 calories a day diet where I focus on healthy foods and take a multivitamin every day to every other day.

As for working out, I dont like being around large groups so i keep to myself and just stay at home using my stairs and treadmill for cardio along with basic stretching and the occasional weight lifting (using the heaviest things i can find in the house that i can hold in my palm). As for my cardio i have a preference to my treadmill and ill usually go 60-70 minutes for 3 days and 20-40 min the other two, and that lowering of time is really just so i dont exhaust myself and if im in too much pain from yesterday. I usually have my program choose my speeds and incline based on my heartrate but the usual is half of the time is 4 mph and the other half is 3.5 to 3.8 mph with an incline that adjusts between 3 to 7.

In the end my question is, by doing all of this work and having a more extreme calorie deficit will I be able to lose at least 2 pounds a week, i understand of course that at the start it wont show due to underlying factors and that losing muscle goes along with the loss of fat however for my question im sticking to the weight im losing being 1/4 muscle and 3/4 fat, also with weights will i be able to keep and retain more muscle than if i didnt?

Note: Ive done fasting and water fasting for years with no trouble at going 1 week to 3 weeks at a time however it did make me groggy to the point of fault so now im looking at this as a more easy going version of an intense diet. Also throughout my life after the age of 15 ive always eaten very little but i did binge a lot of unhealthy foods which caused the spike in weight gain, however ive stopped binging for a solid 2 years and find that when i do eat under 800 calories which is a normal for me I really only get light stomach pain after waking up which goes away quickly after an egg or a protein bar along with throughout the day at least 6 cups of 8oz water.

To anyone who read through all of this, Thank You! Please also understand i am considered 20 pounds from obese (overweight at the moment, middle of the scale) so I do have the fat needed to handle less calories and of course the experience to go through with it and not give up 1 week in due to cravings like many who dont ease into their diets.

Final note:
I am open to finding individuals and groups that understand my mindset and are like minded or at least encouraging to allow us all to feel like were not in this alone, my family is incapable of joining me and my lover personally has his own diet plan which is more for muscle gain, which im fine with getting but prominently id like to focus on fast loss.

My main fat areas are:
▪1 finger length (outward) of fat around my belly, squishy not hard and starts after my rib cage.
▪Love handles that dont show unless im slouched but im able to pinch and hold the fat in my fingers.
▪My face, ive got the onstart of a double chin that shows somewhat while im smiling and fat stored cheeks that are more prominent than my peers and family. Im able to gather in both areas fat in my fingers.
▪Finally the worst area and where I have the most fat, my whole thighs and somewhat of my ass, when i t started gaining weight i noticed it in my face and lower half but not my whole legs as ive always been a soccer player and runner and even when i let myself go i never built fat beyond my thighs, ass, belly, face, somewhat of back (love handles), and very minimal in my upper arm at the bottom but i also don't work out that section of my arm.

Please send me advice and feel free to ask questions if i wasnt clear enough or you need more info to better diagnose and answer my question! Also if you have suggested diets that fit what ive listed above and dont involve eating multiple meals throughout the day, feel free to post it and explain why you think its better!

Noted that ive fluctuated for 2 years between 167 pounds and 171 pounds and as such im trying to break the cycle as just dieting didnt cause much of a change and neither did just working out, so im trying to combine them with a high calorie deficit to see results faster.

My goal is to go from 170 with a good amount of water weight and fat to my medically advised weight of 140 or at least 145 in 3-5 months!

Additional Questions:
Are there dieting pills i can take with good amounts of tests done on them that would help boost my metabolism/fat loss?

Other ways to increase your metabolism besides eating or running for multiple hours.

I wont lie i can barely do push ups and sit ups but i can jump rope for 30min straight.

Any apps that you know of that would help with my fitness and weight loss goals? (Besides the common ones, ive tried hundreds and none work for me)

Have encouraging before and after photos or advice? Feel free to send them!

Updated Note:
I used to have visibly bad stretch marks that would cover all around my front and back thighs and go up my hips and sides, after just 1 week of running all of my stretch marks have vanished and can no longer be felt besides a few on my inner thighs!
(I used no additional items like creams, ointments, long baths, etc to boost said results)


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Hi, Cappuccino & welcome to the forum. Not many people may notice this post as this thread is not as active as, say the diary section of the forum. I don't consider myself that knowledgeable about diets, except for having tried lots. There are so many different ways of "dieting" & crash diets are well-named in my opinion. I think I have tried most things in my lifetime & by doing so have crashed my metabolism. The last thing you want to do is lose muscle and/or lower your metabolism.
It doesn't sound like you need to do anything drastic at all. Do you do any strength training?
Trusylver our resident "knowledgeable person"/supermod has been doing lots of research & posting some great threads. Her info is fact-based & not agenda based. Here is just one for example- https://weight-loss.fitness.com/threads/popular-weight-loss-programs.90407/
The diary section you will find here- https://weight-loss.fitness.com/forums/weight-loss-diary.9/
There are some very helpful, kind & supportive people in here. Some are doing IF, in particular 16:8 ( I am currently trying it ).
One thing in common though with most of us is that we will recommend losing weight the healthy way, preferably slow & steady & that does not include taking medication or any drugs to boost metabolism.
If you want to start your own diary name it something you would be happy to stick with. Mine is now Cate's Diary but started off with a name that became annoying. The word journey ended up embarrassing me :)
You could just copy & paste the above thread to start your diary. Hope you like it here.
Cheers, Cate.