life in the Paleolithic Era...

i have mixed feelings about people's embracing of a so-called Paleo diet. a diet of food only available in the Stone Age. while it is true that the exclusions to this diet may not have been around 2+ million years ago, followers of this ludicrous diet seem to have the idea that fruits and vegetables were ripening on the trees and vines year round and meat or fish was something that was hunted, prepared and consumed every day. this was the Stone Age, guys... there was no town of Bedrock and Fred and Wilma didn't live a life of luxury.

when fruit was ripe, perhaps a few weeks each year, if at all, cavemen... along with other animals... would gorge on the temporary bounty. the human body is all set to turn those sugars into fat and that was their basic yearly or for that matter, daily plan during this annual occurance. hunting was far more difficult than grabbing the Winchester and bagging some wild game. some have even theorized that early humans may well have been more of a scavenger species than strictly hunters. when food was available, they ate... when food was not available (on plenty of days), they would fast.

the modern Paleo diet in no way mimics the actions of Stone Age humans.