Looking to study a Certificate in Fitness, any advice?

Hi there, new to this forum.

I'm looking to begin my studies and would like to become a PT, however I'm not sure where to start.

Was thinking of doing a certificate III in fitness or a pathway program. I am located in Vic, Australia and I saw that there will be free TAFE courses in the beginning of 2019, I saw this announcement here - Spam Link Removed
Any Victorians here that would know if fitness might make the final 10 free courses that are due to be announced sometime soon?
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I would not hold my breath on having fitness on the free list, PTs are not in any kind of shortage. most with a cert III in fitness while able to work in gyms, are woefully under qualified and I have met plenty of cert IV qualified trainer who have no understanding of the major compound lifts and have never actually done the major lifts themselves.

If you are serious about getting qualified as a career move then take a look at going towards a Diploma.