Loose skin (I think?)

Hey! Recently, I lost around 55 lbs and I am pretty happy with how I look now.
I obviously read about loose skin before this attempt, and as I went on I was pretty pleased with how my skin was looking throughout my weight loss (I started at around 230 so I didn't even think it would be a problem)

Well, as I went on and most of the weight I was looking to drop I had got rid off, I started noticing how I REALLY didn't like the way my face looked. Basically, it seems like I have a ton of loose skin around my jaw and cheeks, and at first I thought it was just how my face is as I was so used to having it, but now that I noticed how incredibly much I can stretch it and how my thought of my face still being fat probably just has to do with that extra skin, I really don't know what to do.

It was a big shock when I started looking into it more, and I have no idea how I should go about it. I've been around my current weight for a few months now, and I'm wondering if my face will stay saggy forever or is there something I could do? Facial exercises and such I read about, but that seems very slow and annoying and I doubt it will help at all.

I don't know if I posted this in the right place, I hope I did.