Lose 30 lbs in 2018!!!

Hi, I'm in! I just weighed myself this morning, and really could use the extra push and motivation to reach my goal. I'm super excited, good luck!


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I wanna join in as well. I will use my January 1st weight
HW 210
CW 204
GW 150
I’m hoping for at least a 10 pound loss this month 4 more poubdscto go!
Hey, I weighed Thursday morning and my weight was up to 154.....smh. I haven't weighed since then. I started insanity this morning, which was a challenge, I've also stopped eating after 7. I'll updated my weight Friday morning.
Good Luck!!!
HW: 232 (JAN. 1)
CW: 212!
GW: 200-205 (MAR. 1)

work out 6 days a week. no alcohol. 1,600 - 1,800 calories per day. do something active after 8 p.m.

Good luck everyone!!!
For me, my post 8 p.m. activities consist of walks around the neighbourhood or a pre-scheduled event like Tuesday indoor tennis or my Wednesday soccer practice. I guess my point is that I keep the optional activity relatively laid back (walks) and mix in a couple of pre-scheduled higher intensity events that I can't back out of.

Yoga sounds like a wonderful activity!