Me and the Dog got fat HELP!!

I took my dog to the vet yesterday, and apparently he has put on some pounds and needs to lose it. When I got home I realized Chewy isn't the only one, my jeans aren't exactly fitting the way they use to.. not that I would know because i'm in the habbit of wearing strechy pants everyday. what can me and my canine companion do to shape up??? Running not an option!
you should buy a new type of dog food i know that pedigree carries a line of dogfood for overweight dogs you can try that.
heres the picture of the bags.
I have the same problem! One REALLY fun thing to do is to go to a dog park. Ask around if there's one in the area. Your vet or people at a local pet store should know. Dog parks are really, really great. Just make a commitment to NOT sit on the benches while you're there! keep moving. You don't have to run, but stay on your feet.
However, don't go if your dog isn't sociable. People will really give you a hard time (Or even worse, a lawsuit) if your dog starts fighting with other dogs.
Other options are making doggie play dates, or getting involved in dog agility competitions,. going to a dog beach. Again, ask your vet, or local pet store. someone will know.