Metabolic Regulation

Educational Purposes

Lehninger Principles Of Biochemistry -5Th Edition

Metabolic Regulation

Metabolic Regulation is a central theme in biochemistry.. &.. is one of the most remarkable features of living organisms...

Of all the thousands of enzyme-catalyzed-reactions that take place within a cell there is probably.. not one .. that is escaping some form of regulation..

The need to regulate every aspect of the cellular metabolism becomes very clear as one examines the complexity of the metabolic reaction sequences... yes.. it's very convenient for the student of biochemistry.. to divide metabolic reactions processes into pathways that are playing roles in the cell..

However.. it is important to understand that no such separation exists .. in the living cell.. every pathway is intertwined with all the other cellular pathways in a multi dimensional network of reactions..

Pathways of glucose metabolism provide in the catabolic direction .. meaning.. break down .. the energy essential in the anabolic direction.. meaning growth .... these reactions are so important to survival that very complex regulatory mechanisms have evolved to ensure that metabolites move through each pathway in the correct direction .. &.. at the correct rate .. to match exactly what the cell.. or ..the organisms circumstances/needs are .. &.. circumstances do change.. sometimes .. dramatically..

This is Homeostasis at the molecular level.. meaning balance.. failure of homeostatic mechanisms.. is often the root of disease..