Mushrooms - plate filler

Hi everyone!

Since I started my diet on January I lost 8kg. Last month I had the lowest weight loss ever (lots of bad foods, skipped gym for many reasons, Easter time didn't helped along with some daily job frustrations that made me crave comfort foods). However, even falling into foods I shouldn't be having at all, I was able not to completely loose my mind with food. I dare to say that I lost it inside containment bubble :blush5:
And I always have in mind that this is not a race, as long as I don't "loose it" every single day, having a donut, a piece of cake, whatever, will not going to change it all at once.

Straight to the topic:

So I noticed that I can use mushrooms almost like a cheat. I can fill my plate with mushrooms, eat tones of mushrooms and in the end I will be consuming crazy low amounts of calories/fat/sugars.
So recently I have been preparing mushrooms with everything:
Mushrooms, tomato (fresh or tomato sauce or both!) with either chicken, minced beef meat (only sometimes, not to get tired of chicken), sometimes adding eggs (1 or 2) or more veggies like red bell pepper in small pieces, spinach. Sometimes I add a bit of coconut milk too.
I have been able to make really delicious meals with really low calories just using mushrooms.

What do you think about this trick and what other food might do the trick?

ps:. I started using mushrooms because I cannot have tones of veggies per day due to a health issue. So I started using mushrooms and that's when it got awesome!