NEED ADVICE. What are your thoughts on the pegan diet?

Hi everyone,

thank you for your time. I recently came across the pegan diet which was coined by Dr. Hyman and I am currently researching this further.

What is the Pegan diet?

It takes the best bits of the Paleo diet and the best bits of the Vegan diet, encompasses a few rules and away we go.

I would love to hear if this is something forum users would try?

Alfie Mueeth
Hey man you got that right. Pegan diet is pretty much the most healthful qualities of both diets, creating an eating style that combines the best of two worlds you know. what made you look into Pegan Diet?
The Pegan eating routine is a changed form of the Paleo and Vegan diets. The Pegan eating regimen takes the best, most refreshing characteristics of both eating methodologies, making an eating style that consolidates the best of two universes!

A little foundation: The Paleo (or "stone age man") eating routine, incorporates nourishments that our seeker gatherer predecessors ate: meat, fish, eggs, vegetables, and natural product. Grains, vegetables, sugars, handled foods,and most dairy items are illegal. A vegetarian eating routine comprises of vegetables, natural products, grains, nuts, and seeds—and denies anything that originates from a creatur