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I've had quite a few questions about this diet and I don't seem to be able to go anywhere anymore without someone talking about it, so I figured we'd start a discussion here.

I'm actually doing a mostly Paleo diet, myself, but only because it seems to make sense for our family in that I'm celiac and my fiance is lactose intolerant. Since the Paleo diet says not to eat dairy or wheat, doing searches for Paleo food is much easier than looking for celiac and dairy free. Paleo also discourages the consumption of grains, which we don't follow 100%, but the more we read about Paleo, the more it makes sense from a historical perspective.

But, at any rate, I'm interested to hear what you all think (and maybe if any of you are doing it, you can post some recipes, because we need some ;))


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I never did have a reasonable try (When I did tried it I over-complicated everything too much) at the paleo diet but I symphatize with the concept and idea.

I try to adjust my own diet to an archevore diet. It is similar to a paleo/primal diet but it does add diary and doesn't necessarily put an emphasis on limiting carbohydrates [As far as I'm aware, the primal diet does this. Not sure about paleo].

The term 'Archevore' was coined by Kurt Harris, but the idea was called 'Paleo 2.0' initially. The following post explains the concept behind it [I hope this doesn't count as spam!];

I'm a big fan of his blog, and so far it's the dietary approach I seem to agree the most. However [and talking from a weight loss perspective], without counting calories, I doubt it would be as affective as the original paleo diet, since this one includes more calorie-dense foods and, therefore, it's easier to over-eat if not careful.
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From what I keep hearing over and over again, is that our bodies are not able to properly digest diary, so I don't quite understand why it would be in our diets, at all, except that it tastes really good :) ... much like sugar. It tastes great, but it's not good for us. Just like grains, I see that our agricultural industry relies heavily on dairy and grains, so it seems almost more political than anything else.


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Oh yes, dairy is a tricky one. As far as I know, our bodies can only digest lactose when they are very young, and we stop producing the enzymes necessary to digest it as we grow older, so it starts to cause problems. Some people also have an inherent allergy to the proteins in dairy, so it isn't good for them either. It is some populations that seem to have adapted to its consumption over time, and therefore have a major tolerance.

It just tastes so good though! It's one of my favorite food items and doesn't cause problems on me so I'm more than happy to add it to my diet. :) But by all means, if it causes problems on somebody, it is better avoided and I wouldn't advocate for its consumption. I really don't advocate for it, it's just that I'm not against it either [as long as it doesn't cause problems, of course!].

As for grains I definitely agree 100 %. They aren't good for human consumption and things like gluten and such can cause harm to our bodies.
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Yes its taking the perspective of our ancestor caveman. The theory is we evolved from eating food that can only be hunted and gathered like:


Most of the foods we eat on a daily basic are not really foods they are contaminated with pesticides, toxins, and other nasty's that are not good for you. think about the obesity and the rise of cancer and other diseases you are what you eat. try to avoid:

processed sugar
table salt
legumes and beans
processed foods.

Basically cut out foods that have been processed and focus on organic fresh foods with no chemicals. this will be hard to switch because you are probably addicted to processed foods. but if you gradually change you can permanently change.

hope this helps.