New Member 70 pounds lost/35 kg - but i have to do it all over again!!

Hey Guys!!

New member here, hoping to make some friends to stay on track and be motivated
Here is a photo of my weight loss, from years ago (took me 15 months to lost the 32kg)

i put it all back on - back to 90 KG.

i have since lost 10 kg and i've never been this motivated in my life
Who else is on a similar journey this year?
Has anyone else lost 30 kg and didnt have any stretchy skin?
A lot of people have said i dont look like the same person and its not real because my skin isn't loose
but i lost weight slowly (about .3-.5 kg a week..)

I am a little worried this time around because i have more to lose and it's my second time my poor body + skin is gonna feel it!