New Year Resolution!!!!

New Years Resolution - LOSE WEIGHT!!

We have finally reached 2011 and for most of us January is the time when we step back into the gym and cut out those bad foods!
There are a few ways in which we can stay focused on our goals to keep us going through to the summer!!

1. Set yourself a realistic goal!!!!
It is almost impossible to stay committed to any routine if we do not have a goal to achieve. Sit down and write three things which you want to achieve by summer and keep that written at the front of your plan!

2.Have a Training Buddy!!!
I think this is a great way to stay motivated into achieving your goals. If you are having one of them days where you don't feel like training or heading down to the gym but you know that you will be letting your partner down, then hopefully this will give you the encouragement needed to push past your limits.Make a set time with your partner each week so that their is a good routine to stick to.

3. Design a plan!!!
This can often be difficult for people who are not sure what exercises or equipment to use but make it simple. Design it so that you train at least three times a week at a set time and day. If you want to increase the amount of times you train per week that's fine, just remember to change your workouts as it may get very boring training the same machines and exercises.

4. Plan your food!!!
This will make sure you know what your eating and what time of the day you will be eating each meal. Have 1 treat meal per week to give yourself something to look forward to, most people would have this on a Friday or Saturday night.
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