Please check CONTENT SOURCES! Can I blame others for my weight gain?

What is better "Diet" or "life style change"

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  • Life style change

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Wow! I actually stumbled on this forum by accident and some of the CRAP I have read BLOWS ME AWAY!! I cannot believe some of the things people post on here. Its even worse some of the things others believe. I am going to say this now, there is no short cut to weight loss, and the people that tell you that are lying to you. What people don't share with you is that your body actually WANTS to be healthy. I was heavy, and made fun, most of my life. I started trying "diets" when I was 13. I remember back then they were saying fat was bad so we all stopped eating fat....THEY WERE WRONG. Then others said all carbs were bad....THEY WERE WRONG. They told us cooking with margarine was healthy.....cant believe its not butter????? What the hell is it then? Who remembers the cookie diet? My point is the media has a track record of putting stuff out there that has ended up being WAY WRONG and they don't care. Actually honestly we cannot blame the media so I apologize for that. The media shares information with us then it is our job to check it out. My mom grew up for YEARS putting this little blue pack of sweetener in her coffee. I remember since 3rd grad having Diet soda in my lunch bag. Fast forward 20 years and she is in the hospital for long term Aspartame poisoning? Cant blame the media or big corps for constantly supplying it, its our job to know what we are consuming.

When I hit my highest weight of 290 I ended up in the E.R. and they had no idea what was happening to me. I had flu like symptoms for two weeks and could barley hold down ice chips. No meds they were giving me worked and finally a doctor told me she wanted me to try something with my eating. She told me to eat fruits, veggies, and very lean protein. This was right around when the paleo diet popped up on the map. What is crazy is even the paleo diet people retracted their opinion that people shouldn't eat legumes.

My whole point of this is please check your sources. There is a million things out there and they are all telling you that they have your best interest at heart. If someone says they can help you lose weight fast ask your self, or them, what they will gain from it. Eat real food and exercise. Find a system of accountability.
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YES! The problem with diets is that once the diet is over, people tend to go right back to eating what/how they were before. It's a lifestyle change that needs to happen, not a quick fix. This is personally something I've struggled with. It's all about moderation! Just because you want to lose weight and eat healthy doesn't mean you can't have the occasional cookie, or burger for that matter. You just can't eat that stuff everyday. Once I realized that, I was able to grasp that my goals were in sight and that I could be healthier.


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Actually - I would suggest that we have less uncontested crap than most forums you would find...

Exercise and nutrition are indicated time and time again as the way to weight control.

Excellent information is held in pinned threads in the different sections explaining the basics of nutrition and exercise.

Information is freely given and the visitor to the forum can build a healthy food plan and adopt exercise without paying money for some fashionable diet or for that matter having to join a gym.

I know that the moderating team delete many adverts for diet plans and supplements every day - trying to keep the forum unclogged so that members may not be hindered or diverted by them as they support each other through the weight loss journey.

I would suggest that if any member sees another member posting crap that they do not see contested - then contest it yourself. If a member sees blatant advertising (rather than possibly enthusiastic posting by a member) then click on the triangle at the bottom of the posting that will alert a mod in case it should be deleted and indeed the advertiser may then be banned too.

I am a firm believer in reading up in an educated manner on subjects - and when pointing out crap - people are welcome to link to widely recognised authorities like webMD, NHS, NetDoctor, MayoClinic etc to back up their argument.