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Put that down, fatty! (again!)

Discussion in 'Weight Loss Diary' started by Sunflower_, Oct 25, 2016.

  1. Sunflower_

    Sunflower_ Well-Known Member

    Oct 25, 2016
    Hey DA :) I'm awful with portions, especially with pastas, so I try to avoid making too much of that now! Although we had two lots of pesto pasta this week! The shame. I find it really easy to let very little during the day and I really enjoy eating in the evenings so I tend to keep most of my calories for my evening snacks and meal. I love cooking from scratch so I find the calorie logging quite easy. It's taken since Jan 1st to lose 22lbs but I think doing it that slowly has been helpful - I've not had any weeks of gains so slow, steady and consistent is working for me!

    Thanks everyone for house congratulations - still very early days but we are really pleased. Gives us lots of time to save more pennies, too! Last night me and Yank worked the soup kitchen again - I was on bread buttering duty for the first 30 mins... not good on an empty tum!! We've been nominated for volunteers of the year so we might have an awards ceremony to go to soon so need to dig out a nice frock that will fit.

    Was naughty yesterday and ate really well in the morning and then had an energy slump in the afternoon and instead of taking a walk or having a cup of coffee I had half an easter egg! Very naughty. Pulled it back in time for dinner though. Luckily the crisps have run out now too so will stop munching on them. Doing halloumi, couscous stuffed peppers tonight so will be a low cal day. I've also had no wine since last Saturday. Longest I've gone in about 8 years. So pleased :D

    20th April

    Breakfast: celery and carrot (51)
    Lunch: chickpea curry, bag of crisps (301)
    Dinner: ravioli on dry toast (490)
    Snacks: half a small easter egg, bag of crisps (557)

    Total: 1399
    Steps: 13,000
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  3. cate

    cate Senior

    Feb 20, 2007
    You deserve to be very proud of yourself Hana. Well done sweets xoxo
  4. Elliot Phillips

    Elliot Phillips New Member

    Hi Guys Seen your posts above . Im really keen to know how you worked your calorie intakes out for your weight loss ? If you need any help let me know
  5. Emilyrose

    Emilyrose Active Member

    Nov 30, 2016
    Well done on the new house and not celebrating with all the wine! You go hon. It just all seemed to click into place for you very fast, so exciting. You and your man deserve it. :) See how your good deeds are rewarded.
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