Questions about target & Max HR


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A couple of questions about Max HR & Target Aerobic HR.
I'm 64 years old. Male ,5 ft 10 in tall.
There's no history of heart disease in my family.
I never smoked & have always been active, but over weight.
(Black Belt in Judo & Scuba Diving instructor for 25 years)
My weight has crept up about 1 lb/year since I got married 41 years ago. (age 23).
Last summer I decided since I'm retiring soon, it's time to get serious, so I joined a gym.
I work out 5 days a week, & occasionally my wife & I go on weekends as well.
For the past 6 months I've used 220-60=160 Max HR & 135 (160 x 0.85) Target HR.
I have dropped from 258 lbs to 221 lbs, since last August.
I now weight less than I weighed when I got married (225).
I'm feeling great. (despite a right knee replacement & arthritis in my left hip)
The weight loss stalled last month, to just 2.5 lbs in March. (1/2 normal 4-5 lb rate)
I have increased the intensity of my work outs to try to get back on track. & my cardio HR is up (138-145 BPM)
On Friday I do HIIT on elliptical in the last 13-15 minutes of 45 minute session.
My heart rate peaks at 160.

I feel no ill effects, I'm not dizzy or faint feeling, other than being out of breath at the end.
I recover within 2-3 minutes in the cool down period.

So the big question is how firm are these MAX & target numbers.
Should I be concerned that I'm at my Max HR during my HIIT or that I', above the target rate for my age?

Mike D


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Attached is my workout extracted from my Fitbit. The Heart rates agree with those on the elliptical during the session.

Time Heart Rate (BPM)
8 min 122
32 145
35 158
36.5 160
38 158
39.5 162
42 1660
43.5 161