This may seem like a no brainer...

ASo, I've never really been a "yo-yo" dieter until recently...about 3 years ago I was extremely motivated to lose weight and went on, what I deemed "the Starbucks diet". I lost a ton of weight, so much that family and friends started to get concerned for my health.Here is my question: my diet consisted of two tall breve mochas (one in the a.m.and one in the p.m) as well as some form of meat, and a green vegetable for dinner. I always assumed I was on my version of a low carb diet, but in retrospect was it low calorie, to a degree? My mochas had, according to the starbucks nutrition facts, a whopping 510 calories and 39 carbs. Basically, what I'm trying to distinguish is, if I do better on a low carb or low calorie diet. I no longer have energy to where one coffee sustains me until dinner, hence why I can't find a diet I can stick to! TIA
I think you would do better eating real food. There are so many important things that your current 'diet' is missing. You sound like you can be really disciplined - why don't you try following the food guide for your country for a little while and see how you do?