Weight Loss During the Holidays!

Yesterday, I went to friends house for Thanksgiving! It was a great meal and I eat too much! Thanksgiving thru Christmas is difficult for me when it comes to my weight loss issues!
I agree Ruth, it is a tricky time for a lot of people. This is because we are relying on our willpower to stop ourselves from eating too much and unhealthily. What I've started doing is taking my own healthy meals to share and only mostly eating those and maybe only one thing of something someone else has made. Or just being selective of what I decide to eat. For me I know how sick I will feel if I have gluten or lots of dairy so I focus on that and it has stopped me most of the time from eating those foods. I hope this helps you [emoji2]

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i bake once a year... at Christmas, i make shortbread carrying on a tradition of my mother's family (Scottish) to give out to friends and even some strangers. this year i am a bit conflicted. it is the first holiday season after i made the life decision about 4 months ago that sugar is evil. i suppose if there is a bright side, doing some calculations on my recipe, sugar only accounts for 15% by weight and only 12% of the calories (about one tsp / 1 oz piece). i guess i can live with poisoning people just a little... :)

my general plan in the past has been to get it out of the house as quickly as possible. this year i believe i'll step up that schedule.